What We're Watching: The Flash Pilot

The Flash
Begins on Tuesday, October 7

How is it October already? I mean, jeez, it seemed just yesterday the television season was ending and now all the shows are coming back in full swing and I’m having fall time allergy attacks that leave me couch-bound for three days (which is why no blog posts the last few days, sorry). I hope you’ve found a new show or two to obsess over (Gotham, anyone?).

One of the other shows we were able to get a sneak peek of while at Comic Con in July was The Flash, the DC spinoff to the CW’s Arrow. We were actually lucky enough to see it twice in two days, and considering we sat through both showings happily, I think that should probably give you a pretty good idea of what our overall impression was for the pilot. So here are some quick thoughts to get you excited for the debut next Tuesday, October 7.


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Random Tuesday: Art from Katie Cook, Lord Mesa & NinjaBot

So Comic Con was nearly a month ago, but I have so many things I still want to share! We got to see the pilots for The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine, so we should have reviews of all three of those in the next few weeks. I also came home with quite the book haul, which I will share this weekend. But first, my favorite thing about Comic Con is meeting artists and getting new things for my walls.

After 5 years of attending Comic Con, our walls are getting a little full, so I was put on a limited budget this year. Even so, I came home with several new awesome things to put around the house from some of my favorite artists.

First off is my annual commission from Katie Cook. She is my favorite and I'm happy to say I'm adding two new pieces to my collection. First is my commission of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

The other is a Women of DC print she had for sale. I think it will go nicely in my library. I forgot to take a picture of my print, so here is a copy of it from Katie's webstore.

And my second stop was to my other favorite artist, Lord Mesa. After so many years, he actually remembers me and Fernando, so it was nice to chat with him for a few minutes and see all the great art he's created in the last year. Visiting with Lord Mesa is a Sunday SDCC tradition, so of course, I bought a ton of stuff.

And a big surprise was finding he's drawn Sam & Dean! I had to get that one, so Fernando picked a few of Lord Mesa's Game of Thrones pieces and then the Hulk sitting on Loki just rounded things out nicely.

I also got a grab bag of 10 older pictures that I will have to feature at another time, but it was a good haul. Next year, if we're lucky enough to get tickets, I will have to stop by and have to get him to add to my Nightwing and Batgirl art collection as a commission. You should stop by his Tumblr where he posts tons of stuff.

And with that Fernando dragged me from artist alley so I wouldn't buy up all the things. Until, that is, I ran into The Ninjabot's booth. My home would have been incomplete without this in it:

And to make up for going over budget, I got Fernando the Ninjabot Superman Origins poster.

And with that one, I was truly done with purchasing art. It made me sad that I couldn't get more because there is always fantastic art in artist alley, but I'm really happy with the new things we brought home. Which is your favorite?

Comic Con 2014: Last Minute Gadget Tips for Comic Con

People like to think that gadgets make life easier. I am not one of them. The thing that makes gadgets useful is, well, the user. So, with that advice I will tell you about some of the gadgets that we will be taking on our trip to San Diego Comic Con because they make our time there more enjoyable.

Know What Your Taking.

Before you start gearing up, you need to know what you have and especially know what kind of power it needs to stay charged. Pay special care with your phone's and camera's charging requirements. Go get the plug that came with said device and see what type of power it needs. As you start to look for supplemental charging devices, make sure it supports your gadget needs.

The Battery Charger.
The idea is simple - a portable charging power supply that you can use on the go. Most of them have at least one USB port if not more. The one we use has enough power to fully recharge our phones several times throughout the day. On a typical Saturday I fully charged my phone twice, recharged Leslie's phone once and recharged our digital camera once and it still had a little less than 50% of its power left.  

The Travel Power Strip
This one is more for where you set home base. Every hotel has outlets, but they tend to be scatted throughout the room. The power strip we chose has several usb ports and has a few extra plugs so that at night we can charge our stuff in one spot. Having everything in one location makes it easy to grab everything before we leave the hotel each day.

Travel Wifi
There are two distinctly different yet very useful devices in this section. First the straight forward one. Portable Wifi hotspots can be purchased from your cell phone provider and need a service plan. Most hotspots have data caps, but can be very helpful for getting wifi to laptops or tablets. If you approach your cell phone provider and ask what the return policy is, you might be able to score one for just this trip and rerun it without issue.

The second one is for home base: The travel wifi router. Why? The travel router we have repeats as well as extends hotel wifi. My reason for having the travel router is to make it easier to get connected to hotels free internet. Instead of having to login on every device I need, I only do it once. Both devices give you a way to get connected while traveling.

Technology can definitely make your experience at Comic Con a little easier and provide you with great ways to record your experience. Go for items that will make your life easier while still keeping in mind the weight of what you'll be carrying all day. If you need specific recommendations for brands or items, ask us in the comments.

Random Tuesday: American Gods Is Back On, Lots of Batman Things & Good Books

No preamble today, just the best random thing I've heard this week - Starz has picked up the American Gods adaptation and Bryan Fuller has signed on to be co-showrunner. This thing just might happen after all.

Speaking of book to television adaptations, did anyone watch The Leftovers on Sunday? It felt really bland and empty to me, so I was wondering if anyone else had thoughts about it. Share in the comments if you watched it!

I haven't read this review of The Girl With All the Gifts because I'm currently reading the book, so I'm just going to leave this here for when I finish. I'm about half way done and all I can say is I do not recommend reading it while eating or right before bed. Even the author warned me! 

So first FOX picked up the Egyptian adventure series Hieroglyph and then they cancelled it months before it was even supposed to air. FOX business practices are weird.

Samantha over at I <3 YA Fiction is discussing bookish pet peeves. Go weigh in on insta-love, love triangles and more items that drive Samantha nuts. My worst pet peeve is probably asshat love interests that need to be punched in the face and yet are somehow desirable.

io9's compilation of many of the fantasy and science fiction books coming out in July. Because our TBR piles needed some new additions, right?

Because Gotham didn't already have enough comic series associated with it, DC is launching two more, including a YA-aimed series taking place in Gotham's most prestigeous boarding school. I rolled my eyes, then saw that Becky Cloonan is writing it and now... I'm probably going to have to read it.

Also in Batman, this is the cover for Batman Eternal #15, created by Dustin Nguyen. I want a big copy, so I hope he has prints for sale at SDCC. You can follow Dustin over on Tumblr.

Speaking of DC, the television branch associated with Warner Brothers announced yesterday that they are doing a MASSIVE panel at Comic Con that will cover Arrow, Constantine, Gotham and Flash. It will include screening both Gotham and The Flash, and I am already having panic attacks at the thought of what I will have to do to get into that panel. Comic Con doesn't start for more than three weeks.


I'm going to go lurk on some Comic Con news sites. What awesome random things have you found recently?

3 Tips to Prepare for Attending San Diego Comic Con


Say it out loud: It’s less than 30 days until Comic Con! All year there are other conventions and we hype ourselves up, but the reality is that it is all a precursor to San Diego Comic Con. Whether this is your first year or your 40th, it’s hard not to get excited and a little panicked. To help ease some of the Comic Con jitters, here are some tips to make sure you’re not overwhelmed when the big days finally arrive.

  1. Walking. Comic Con events, panels, screenings and off site events will be all over the Gaslamp and you are going to walk a lot. If you don't have a good pair of good walking shoes, get a good pair then start walking. Leslie and I take a 45 min walk every morning in the month leading up to Comic Con.
  2. Gear up. Start with a backpack, something comfortable and light weight. Then get a good lunch bucket, something insulated that will keep your food cool and compact. You probably already have a smart phone or tablet. You need a way to charge them. Get a portable USB charger that you can recharge from your room then use throughout the day to keep your gadgets at full power. Last year the one we used helped keep our phones charged well into the night.
  3. Map it out. By now you hopefully have a hotel. Learn where it is in relation to the convention center. When you arrive and see the con, it is going to be a sea of people and it is easy to get disoriented. The convention center will be easy to find but the offsite events, scavenger hunts and parties will be scattered throughout the Gaslamp.

In the forthcoming days we will elaborate and enhance on this basic list. Stay tuned for tips on snacks, gadgets and what lines start where in addition to a little extra tid bit or two.


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