Story Behind the Name of the Site

Besides the robot named Mandroid living in the closet?  Well...

Someone should tell Sam that working for Mandroid isn't so bad.

From Supernatural episode 2.12 "Nightshifter", courtesy of YouTube


Mandroid is a one eyed robot who spends his time watching television and eating sweets.  He lost one of his eyes during a riot at a Steampunk convention when someone had the guts to say corsets and goggles together was a complete fashion disaster.  He found a snazzy eye patch though, so he's not too upset about it.  Eventually he'll raise enough money to buy himself a replacement.  Until then he has taken refuge in the closet belonging to a girl fond of baking and a boy who watches a lot of tech podcasts.  Life isn't so bad.



Writer, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Pop Culture Obsessive

While in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, Leslie got conned into joining a website as the main writer, knowing only that it was run by a one-eyed robot squatter who had taken residence in her closet.  With two writing degrees and a job that requires no such writing skill, she figured, why not? It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Known for: Saying "We don't have any time for your blah blah blah blah," "The voice says I'm almost out of minutes," "It goes ding when there's stuff," and other random quotes from Supernatural and Doctor Who; attempting to make recipes when missing two or more key ingredients (results are mixed); baking things of chocolate/peanut butter, chocolate/peppermint, chocolate/raspberry or lemon flavors; having a mild obsession with Misha Collins' alter-ego that prevents her from watching the movie Karla for fear of being afraid of him for life (and because he said it was a horrible movie)

Favorite Authors: Neil Gaiman, Margaret Attwood, Brian K. Vaughn, William Gibson

Favorite Book Genres:
steampunk, magical realism, dystopian, utopia, sci-fi, urban fantasy (preferably without a girl in leather on the cover), alternate versions of classic stories and/or faerie tales, comics outside the capes-and-tights variety

Favorite Television Shows: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Firefly, Alias, Dark Angel, Chuck, Vampire Diaries (yes, I finally bought in)

Favorite Movies: ones involving singing and dancing or spaceship zombies



Designer, Web Master, Eater of Baked Goods

After discovering a sad little robot living behind his pants hanging in the closet, he agreed to create a website for Mandroid in hopes he’d come out into the light and prove that he wasn’t one of those fuzzy Monsters, Inc. monsters.  He has since been delegated the all around tech guy to the site and taster of baked goods and anything that might smell funny in the refrigerator (oh wait, he was already doing that…)

Known for: Wasting time listening to podcasts; helping people with tech problems; reading comic books and playing video games; yelling at the television during sports games while Leslie hides in the other room

Favorite Television Shows: Lost, Sopranos, Fringe, X-Files, Chuck, West Wing, Doctor Who
Favorite Movies:
Star Wars episode V, IV, III, VI, II, and I (in that order), Godfather 1-3, Wall-E, Pulp Fiction
Favorite Comic Book Characters: Green Lantern, Superman, Batman
Favorite Podcasts: TWiT, Digg Nation, Totally Rad Show, Geek Beat (formerly Geek Brief), CommandN