Can A College Student Have A Pet?

Students want to have pets for so many reasons. They miss their family members, feeling lonely, and miss their family pets as well. If they are stressed then, a pet can give them relief. But if you are a student and want to have a pet then, you will have to know whether it is the right time for you to get a pet or not. If you cannot come to a point then, you should read the magazine The Student Pocket Guide. You can get to know the advantages and disadvantages of having a pet in your college life. At first, you will have to decide how responsible you are to take care of a pet. Pet wants your attention. So, you will have to invest some time with them to make them happy.

Now let’s check some pros and cons of having pet ownership while you are a student.



As a student, you will have to take a lot of pressure. So, if you have a dog then you can lead a happy and healthy life. You can also build a positive relationship with them and low your blood pressure as well.


The life of the student is filled with pressure. So, they need to circulate positive energy in their body and mind. Sometimes, students need to stay apart from their families due to their college and university. At this time, they need a friend and closed one. So, they should have a pet in their house. A pet can increase the feel-good hormone and decrease the blood pressure as well.


A pet will love you if you shower your love on them. If you have a dog then you can cuddle them while you will feel alone and stressed out. So, if you need to stay alone in an apartment due to your study then, you should have a pet.



While you are planning to have a pet then, you need to be responsible. You will have to take care of your pet. You should give them food and water on time. You should check whether they are doing their exercises or not. So, if you are afraid of managing time besides your study then, you should not get a pet. So, you will have to think twice before bringing a pet home. Your pet will depend on you for everything.


Having a pet is quite expensive for a college student. You will have to consider the fact of long-term financial commitment. So, if you can afford the cost of their care, food and treatments then you should get a pet. Otherwise, it will be a burden for a student.


If you have a pet then, it is hard and tough to find a living apartment. Many homeowners do not allow pets in their homes. Apart from this, your roommate will also feel disturbed if they do not like a pet.

So, if you manage everything then, you can get a pet. A pet will make your college life easier, smooth, and fun as well.

Cool Things You Can See Walking The Streets of New York City

While walking on the streets of New York City you can see several cool things that can make you feel like one of the New Yorkers instead of a tourist. Some of these things are briefly discussed in this write-up for your consideration.


While walking a lot in the streets of New York, people like to wear shoes to make them feel comfortable instead of hiring a cab. It is better to wear a good looking and stylish pair of shoes. Though the meaning of wearing good shoes can change according to circumstances, in any case, you will look attractive. But you will look more like a tourist if you wear gym shoes or faded shoes used for hiking while walking in the streets of New York. However, at night you can wear stylish sneakers on a sightseeing tour to look more casual but stylish.


Most of the new Yorkers have started removing clothes of weird colors from their wardrobes. The main purpose behind it is to add some colorful outfits in their collection including bright-colored sneakers, tropical-themed belts, awesome boots, and colorful silk scarves, etc. Such things can help them in starting a conversation on the train or crowded places like bars etc. However, they like to avoid or minimally use accessories and accent pieces as they give the wearer an outstanding look.


Usually, New Yorkers wear dark colors like black, etc. more as compared to the people living in other main cities of the US. The main reason behind wearing black clothing is that it looks good throughout the year regardless of the season. Another reason to wear dark colors is that they can be worn with anything including high heels, and fitted jeans as well as on any occasion, formal or casual. Dark colors like black are also good for traveling as they hide any kind of stains effectively.


A backpack does not look strange in New York even if you are carrying it in the day time. so most of the new Yorkers carrying various types of the bag while walking on its streets to look cool. These bags can be a duffle workout bag, day pack bag, or a camera bag in which you can pack anything you may like to use later on. If your work schedule is very busy and you have no time to go to your home to have a chance then you can also put a dress in your bag so that you change if required.


While walking through the streets of New York it is always good to add layers to look cool in any season. One has to experience swings in temperature from freezing to blistering hot and vice versa while walking through this city. So to encounter all types of climates in new York city you must add various types of layers.

Thus you can see several cool things discussed above while walking the streets of New York City.

Halloween Is Approaching, Does Your Dog Have A Costume?

Halloween is approaching does your dog have a costume? And if you think you need to spend a lot for a dog costume think again. You can make dog Halloween costumes by yourself. Below are some excellent ideas.


This is very easy to make. All you need is the fabric for the cape. You can also make a mask for your dog if you want. You can base your design on an existing superhero or you can ley your imagination go wild and make your own. Let your inner geek out.


I don’t know about you but I think it’s very cute when dogs try to look like a different animal, a lion for example. This is also very easy to do. All you need to do is to create a mane maybe from a bunch of brown strings and fabric. This costume works best for brown dogs. It may not work as well with dogs that have a different color.

Shark Dog

Your dog can also pretend to be a sea animal with a shark costume. Here’s an idea, take your dog for a walk in a shark costume while the Jaws theme song is playing on your mobile phone in full blast. That would surely be fun. If this is hard for you to DIY, then you can probably find ready-made shark costume for dogs in stores.

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Have you seen the animated film The Lady and the Tramp? There’s a famous scene in the movie where two dogs are romantically sharing a plate of spaghetti. Well, you can recreate that scene and dress your dog as spaghetti with meatballs. This is very easy to DIY. All you need are some white strings for the pasta and maybe fabric or paper for the meatballs.

Pancake Dog

Here is another food-inspired dog costume that is easy to DIY. Who doesn’t like pancakes right? And a dod dressed like a pancake would be irresistible. To make the pancakes, you can simply use a large foam cut into a circle. And don’t forget to add butter and syrup.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Are you a 90s kid who is a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Then you can dress your dog up as either Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael. If you have four dogs then it’s a no-brainer. You can just use a painted large turkey pan for the turtle shell.

The Mummy

If you want a costume that is more in line with the traditional Halloween monster look then you can dress your dog up like a mummy. This is very easy to do. All you need is a white cloth to wrap your dog with. It’s a spooky costume that will surely delight those who will see your dog.

Martini Dog

Is your dog currently wearing a protective cone? Then you can incorporate that in his DIY Halloween costume. The cone looks like a martini glass right? So your dog can be a cocktail for Halloween. Just add some olives in a stick and the costume will be complete.

How Reading Fiction Books Helps Your Mind

The practice of using books and other fictional forms of the written word has proven beneficial to humans over many centuries. Although often maligned because it isn’t “real”, reading fiction has been known to help the mind and accepted fact in the modern world for quite some time now.

Never allow yourself to feel guilty for choosing to read a work of fiction rather than a biography or historical work. There are many benefits to your mind from reading fiction. Below are listed some of them.


Characters featured in a story are constantly experiencing problems and the main part of the story is how they solve these problems satisfactorily. When we are reading a story, our brain is focused on the main characters and we begin to consider the possible ways in which they could solve their dilemmas. Thus we are utilizing our problem-solving skills. The more we use them, the stronger they become.


Being able to put yourself into another person’s shoes and understand and sympathize with their troubles is a gift. Reading fiction improves our ability to do that. You get to live within the events that another person is going through. Your brain gets caught up in the story and doesn’t distinguish between what you are merely reading and what you are actually going through.

This helps us to understand the people who populate our real lives a lot more thoroughly and relate to their difficult circumstances with kindness and compassion.


Reading stories is one of the easiest methods to help you grow and strengthen your long term memory. Not only can reading sharpen your basic memory, but there’s the possibility it might be able to help decrease the effects of diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s later down the road.


It’s an established fact that people who read a lot, particularly fiction, have larger vocabularies than those who seldom read. You are inundated with a variety of new and interesting words, and really can’t help but expand your vocabulary.

Plus you will become more articulate and find it easier to communicate with others.


If you’re upset about something, or just generally feeling frazzled, there’s nothing like sitting down and unwinding with a good book. Before you know it, you’re relaxed and feeling in a much better frame of mind. The nervous tension is gone and has been replaced by a sense of inner serenity that is hard to come by on its own.

It was not known or appreciated until fairly recently that reading fiction helps your mind. Nowadays, however, it is understood and even taken for granted that reading fiction is a part of nearly everyone’s life and that it has many beneficial qualities for the mind. In fact, it’s really the ideal way of letting your mind expand and grow. In addition, it has proven to be a stress-reliever and an effective way of calming both the mind and body. Never let anyone tell you that your time would be better spent reading something worthwhile, like a book on history or someone’s autobiography. Keep enjoying your fiction the way you always have and do it guilt-free.