Comic Con 2010: Sunday Closes Things Out with Kids' Day

Hall H is closed down.  All the movie studios have packed up and headed back home.  All that’s left is children’s programming and some of the more low-key, but well-loved shows.  Comics move off center stage for cartoons and some closing activities, including the annual Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sing-along.  These are the most interesting panels for the last day of Comic Con 2010.


Emily the Strange – This panel might be full of Hot Topic shoppers, but Emily the Stranger is for more than just moody goth-ish pre-teens.  Creator Rob Reger and Dark Horse’s Shawna Gore will discuss all things Emily.

BOOM Kids! Muppets Spotlight – It’s very reassuring that, after all this time, there are still kids reading muppet comics.

Marvel: The Women of Marvel – Finally a comic panel involving female characters and creators that might not bring up questions regarding Wonder Woman’s new costume.

The Funny Stuff: Humor in Comics and Graphic Novels – Humor comics are often overlooked  in favor of the more well-known capes-and-tights comics or the dark, violent comics of Vertigo and Dark Horse.  A group of humorists will discuss how to best utilize comics for humorous means.


Castle – Comic Con darling Nathan Fillion and his co-star Stana Katic discuss their silly crime drama with the creators, answering fan questions and showing off exclusive videos.

Supernatural Screening and Q&A – One of my favorite shows is bringing creator and former show runner Eric Kripke, new showrunner Sera Gamble and executive producer Ben Edlund (plus assorted TBD cast) to discuss the extension to a sixth season, why the show’s appeal continues to grow and most likely showing the ever hilarious gag reel from season five.  Crossing my fingers that Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki can all attend.

Merlin – This entertaining and unconventional look at the myth of Arthur and Merlin makes their Comic Con debut this year.  Despite the second season just finishing on Syfy here in the states, a third season has already started filming, so expect clips from the upcoming season as well as humorous stories from stars Colin Morgan and Anthony Head.

Glee – This has absolutely nothing to do with comics or sci-fi/fantasy, but it’s a show about geeks making room for themselves in a stereotypical high school.  Not to mention that it’s just plain fun to watch kids sing and dance.  None of the big name “stars” will be attending, but the “side characters” are the more interesting ones anyways.


Spotlight on Rick Riordan – As part of Kids’ Day, the author of the Percy Jackson series will discuss his works, including the Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus series.

Spotlight on Ann and Jeff VanderMeer – This husband and wife team dabble in just about everything, but they’re mainly known for their novels and work on Weird Tales and The Steampunk Bible.  Always entertaining, this pair will discuss their diverse works and working with Ace of Cake’s Duff Goldman on a recipe guide that involves Cthulhu.

General Geekery

Starship Smackdown XVIII: Ultimate Platinum Collector’s Edition – Expert “spaceshipologists” will discuss which fictional starships can beat other fictional starships.  This is probably as geeky as you can get at Comic Con, which is saying quite a bit.

And to Close It All Out

Buffy the Musical – The annual ending to another hectic, exciting Comic Con is to watch this classic episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Rocky Horror like audience participation is encouraged.


Sunday is when it all starts to slow down, allowing for attendees to run around the showroom to catch last minute sales and deals.  There are a number of unmentioned kids’ panels, including most of Nikelodeon’s most popular cartoons – Sponge Bob, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Fairly Oddparents, etc. – and drawing workshops.  With the slower pace of Sunday, it’s the perfect day to bring the entire family.

And that’s the end of the Comic Con 2010 schedules.  Now it’s time to pack, plan and get ready for four days of crazy awesomeness.