Why Wonder Woman Deserves to Wear Pants

Yay pants!

Ever since the fan meltdown after Marvel released Jim Lee’s new version of Wonder Woman and her costume two weeks ago, I’ve been thinking – why shouldn’t super heroines wear pants?

Yes, the jacket is a little early 90s Rogue and the complete re-write of Wonder Woman’s back story is a weak way to get the character more “current”, but the tights-like pants make perfect sense.  I would prefer to do just about anything while wearing pants instead of a bustier bathing suit combo.  Running would be easier.  Kicking would be easier.  No chaffing in obscenely uncomfortable places!  No fear of flashing girl bits at people!  No longer will Wonder Woman have to subconsciously worry about her costume while trying to fight off bad guys.  There can’t be any bad in that, can there?

Yes, the jacket could easily get in the way in a fight, but it could also be used as a weapon.  How many times has Buffy Summers or Sydney Bristow used a sweater or jacket to block an opponent’s punch, instead getting them twisted up in fabric?  Many times.  It’s just like using a slightly more versatile rope that you can wear!  Yes, fashion-wise it’s a throw back, but it’s practical and super heroines have far more interesting things to do than be fashion conscious, like flying an invisible plane.

A lot of fans argue that the sex appeal was dimmed down, the fingernails too long, the fingerless gloves too goofy looking, but I disagree.  Her new pants are skin tight, not exactly disguising anything from the fannish imagination.  Any female who lives in a big city should know that long fingernails are a necessary accessory to assist in eye gouging attackers.  And the fingerless gloves are just badass (as is the headband/crown).  Her hair is shorter and less unruly, which probably goes with her new, more cosmopolitan back story.  Not to mention she’ll still have the lasso of truth (which I must admit is kind of a lame weapon).

Wonder Woman deserves pants.  After 599 issues of running around in an ever increasingly skimpy outfit, she deserves to fight crime in comfortable, practical clothes.  Let her wear her skintight pants.  She’ll be back to the impractical, sexist pant-less look of yesteryears soon enough.

And don’t even get me started on why she doesn’t get a cape…