Casting Rumors for the Hulk in "The Avengers" Movie

Ever since Marvel announced that Ed Norton wouldn't be reprising the role of the Hulk a few days ago, spectulation has run wild on who would.  The most plausible rumor seems to be Mark Ruffalo, most recently in the independent film The Kids Are All Right.  This morning I saw another rumor regarding casting, one that made me laugh very hard.  Not because I don't think he can do the role, but because he is so lanky, hyper and, well, British, he wouldn't have been on my list of candidates even though I adore him.

Who is this rumored British Hulk?

David Tennant is a great actor, but this is one role that I might not be able to sit through him doing without lots of giggles.

Though from reports it looks like the role is Ruffalo's if he wants it.  He is also a diverse actor that I could find believable in the part without the added dissonance in my mind of "But... Doctor Who!"

David Tennant rumor first saw here.  Mark Ruffalo information from the Hollywood Reporter here..