Countdown to Supernatural, Week 8: Creepiest Monsters of the Week

Due to lack of Internet access and time during the insanity of Comic Con, we had to skip Week 9 of the Supernatural countdown.  Instead we’ve jumped straight to Week 8 with the creepiest monsters of the week.  Any creature that has occurred in multiple episodes was disqualified from this list; however, if different versions of a similar monster (like the plethora of ghosts Sam and Dean come across all the time) appeared, then it still fits this list.  Read on to see what I think are the eight creepiest Monsters of the Week featured on the last five seasons of Supernatural.





8. Ghosts (many, many episodes)

These are the most common monsters in the Supernatural universe other than the demons.  Sometimes they’re helpful, like Mary Winchester in “Home”, but most of the time, they are ugly decaying monsters terrorizing everyone around them, such as Nurse Glockner in “Folsom Prison Blues” or the deformed ghosts killing of people on the set of “Hollywood Babylon”.  But the worst of them all, I think, is the vindictive child ghost from “After School Special” that enjoys putting kids’ hands in food processors.

7. Rakshasa (“Everybody Loves a Clown”)

Clowns are creepy; ancient demonic creatures that dress as clowns and eat parents of stupid children are even worse.


6. Sufferers of the Croatoan virus (“Croatoan”, “The End”, “Ten Minutes to Midnight”)

Some might classify these rage-induced psychopaths under the “zombie” category, but technically these people have not died.  The Croatoan virus has a similar effect to all the Resident Evil viruses – first the anger, then the incredible strength, then you’re ripping your neighbors in half in order to eat their faces.


5. Changelings (“The Kids Are Alright”)

Supernatural has made an art form out of creepy children, and “The Kids Are Alright” demonstrated that troupe perfectly.  The craggy teeth, the gross shadowy face in the mirror, the child who you thought you drown coming back to the house… creeeeeepy.



4. Demons (many, many episodes)

Ignoring the named demons – Meg, Crowley, Azazel, Ruby, Alastair, Lilith – the demon population of Supernatural has made the lives of the Winchesters a living hell as well as the lives of many others.  The disturbing black eyes, the dissipating black smoke, the ability to buy souls and control hell hounds… all of it makes you wonder exactly who you can trust because you never know what or who is hiding underneath the skin.


3. Djinn (“What Is and What Should Never Be”)

A monster that kills with kindness – allowing you to live out your dream life in your head for years as he slowly drains you of your blood.  While many would say this wasn’t a bad way to go, if everyone had the vague feeling that something wasn’t quite right, I don’t imagine it would be such a wonderful existence, living in dreams.



2. Shapeshifters (“Skin”, “Nightshifter”, “Monster Movie”)

Imagine it: you’re going about your business when you discover that someone with your face is doing disastrous crimes against humanity, stealing your identity to protect its own.  Single-handedly a shapeshifter changed Dean Winchester from a peddler of petty credit card fraud and grave robbing into a cold blooded murderer, wanted by the FBI after “faking” his own death.  It’s one thing for someone to steal your identity online or financially, and quite another to steal your face.



1. The Gibson Children (“Family Remains”) / The Bender Family (“The Benders”)


This one had to be a tie, and I think Sam and Dean would agree with me.  The Gibson children and the Bender clan win hands down as the creepiest monsters of the week simply because they aren’t monsters, just humans with a predilection for killing other humans.  The inbred scavenger children from “Family Remains” kill partly for survival and partly because they’ve become pretty demented in their locked solitude and through the torture of their father.  The Bender clan is just two generations of really, really sick people.  As Dean would say, “Demons I get, but people are crazy."

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