Comic Con 2010: More Variety, More Joss

Another day, another schedule.  While personally Friday’s schedule lacks a big “wow” panel like yesterday’s Thursday schedule, there’s still plenty to choose from, including the latest annual TV Guide’s Hot List and an up-close and personal with Stan Lee.  Onward to what I think are some of the most interesting panels across the pop culture spectrum for Friday.


From Fan to Creator: Goal Setting for Creative Types – There are a lot of “how to break into the industry” panels this year, both for comics and television/movies.  This workshop presented by motivational speaker Douglas Neff is supposed to demonstrate techniques for more productivity.

Retailing in the Digital Age – Apps and iPads are going to be a hot buzz topic this year, and this panel will focus on the retail practices surrounding the developing distribution system.

Dark Horse Comics: Make Contact in 2010 – Mostly what I hope comes out of this panel is an announcement regarding a third Umbrella Academy series.  Get to it, Gerard Way!

Spot Light on Stan Lee – It’s Stan Lee.  That’s all you need to know.

Comics Arts Conference Session #8: Where Are All the Action Chicks? – A question I often find myself asking.  Expect Wonder Woman’s costume change to come up and the potential for a WW movie.

Vertigo: On the Edge – Vertigo is my absolute favorite company for comics.  This brings together 15 of their top writers, including twins Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, the Little Endless’ Jill Thompson, and Fable’s Bill Willingham.  Should be a fascinating look at the creative output of the best imprint around and what’s to come in the next year.


Aloha, Earth! – Why this panel isn’t call “Hawaii Five-0”, I don’t know, but Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park will bring in Lost and Battlestar Galactica fans in.  Expect lots of audience questions regarding their previous shows.  And who knows?  Maybe the remake won’t be so bad.

The Walking Dead – A television show that actually has a viable reason to be at Comic Con!  I’ve been told AMC hasn’t gone wrong with their original programming so far (haven’t ventured into myself, no spaceships or demons), so this adaptation of a very well-received zombie comic should be very intriguing.  The show premieres in October, so hopefully there will be plenty of footage.

Caprica – I’m a little indifferent to this show, but it has a lot of potential that hopefully will pay off in the second half of the first season.

The Big Bang Theory – This show seems to polarize actual geeks – some find it patronizing and full of stereotypes, others find it hysterical.  I’m one of the latter.  The entire cast is attending, which means Jim Parsons will have plenty of straightmen to play off.

Writing for Television: From First Draft to Getting Staffed – It’s a little odd that the panel consists of a former writer from George Lopez (really?  They couldn’t get anyone else?) and an NBC executive, but what they have to say could be interesting.  If nothing else, you might learn why NBC cancels shows so quickly.

Being Human – A ghost, a vampire and a werewolf decide to share a flat.  Even after seeing the first season, it still sounds like the setup for a bad joke.  The second season premieres the following night and they’ve already started filming season 3.  Someone should ask about the Americanized adaptation Syfy is putting together.


Super – Nathan Fillion, Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page (the latter won’t be attending) star in a real-life superhero black comedy that sound both disturbing and awesome.  Potential for Kickass levels of buzz with Fillion involved.


SHIFTing Gears: Tim Kring and Zach Quinto – Despite finding Heroes increasingly more difficult to watch, I think Zach Quinto is a fascinating actor.  He’s interviewing the show’s creator, Tim Kring, regarding a new series of novels he’s writing and the multiplatform elements he’s using to promote the books.

Bite Me: Evolving Urban Fantasy Beyond the Vampire Phenomenon – I would also add into the title “and Cover Art Involving Tattooed Women in Leather”, but that’s just me.  A number of popular urban fantasy authors discuss how to get past the Twilight phenomenon.

General Geekery

Beyond Solo: Crafting the Multiplayer Story in Star Wars: The Old Republic – While I’m not really a Star Wars videogame fan, Fernando emphasized that this is a big deal.

The Joss Whedon Experience – This should be called “Just Joss” and everyone would still know what it’s about.  Expect some clips from Cabin in the Woods and maybe some information regarding his meetings with the head of the cable network FX that was the talk of the Whedon world a few months ago.

Entertainment Weekly: Girls Who Kick Ass: A New Generation of Heroines – Gretchen from Donnie Darko, Olivia from Fringe, Hit Girl from Kickass, Sam’s dead girlfriend Jessica from Supernatural (or the pregnant girl from Legion), and two of the female leads from Scott Pilgrim form the panelists for one of my favorite non-subject-specific panels from last year.  Just a bunch of awesome females discussing what it takes to be an awesome female in pop culture. (Real names being Jena Malone, Anna Torv, Chloe Moretz, Adrianne Palicki, Ellen Wong, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead respectively.)

Girls Gone Genre: Movies, TV, Comics, Web – If you don’t see Felicia Day at least once, it’s not a real Comic Con.  Also includes many other awesome females, including writers/producers Marti Noxon and Melissa Rosenberg, and Gail Simone (the first woman to write for Wonder Woman).

TV Guide Magazine: The 2010 Hot List – Zachary Levi, Morena Baccarin and Elizabeth Mitchell front a panel full of sci-fi television talent, including cast from the up-coming The Cape and No Ordinary Family.  Last year the conversations veered off in odd directions.  No doubt this group will do the same. 

Nighttime Entertainment

The Total Rad Show: Live – Popular Revision3 podcast The Total Rad Show will conduct a live taping where they will review movies, video games, television, comic books and what all they’ve been seeing at Comic Con.  Should be a popular event.


Since Friday is Star Wars day, there are a number of Star Wars related panels, including specific topics such as collectibles, animation, and a trivia game show.  Other panels include lessons on costuming and production designing; Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet; Stargate Universe; how to write great superheroes; and art lessons from Jill Thompson.

I’m expecting Saturday’s schedule to include the big guns – films from DC and Marvel, including Green Lantern, Thor, and Captain America as well as one of the panels I’m most looking forward to – Chuck!