Five Reasons to See Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

It’s difficult to describe Scott Pilgrim vs the World in terms that express its sheer awesomeness.  Except for the word “awesome” or “epic”.  I mean, the trailers have yet to do it justice, making it look like a silly movie for kids or worse, a mismatch of incomprehensibility.  This movie is absolutely neither of those things.  As the tagline says, it is "an epic of epic epicness."  If that doesn't have you convinced you need to see the movie, here are five reasons you should.


1. Quirky sense of humor

This is what happens when a comic mates with a videogame and spawns into a movie.  With so many characters, this is a fast paced whirlwind of a movie that has humor throughout.  Video game style fights with people flying through the air?  Common in the world of Scott Pilgrim!  Jumping through a closed window to escape an adoring girlfriend?  Nothing to blink at!  Vegan super powers?  Well, of course!  Somehow Edgar Wright was able to combine Saturday morning cartoons with your favorite 8 bit arcade game while mixing in comic book humor and it didn’t come out a mess.  Instead it turned into a clever pastiche of pop culture, nothing that thinks it’s too smart, just maybe a little too much fun.

2. The music

Scott is a bassist in a band called Sex Bob-bomb.  His band competes in a series of battle of the band competitions that also allow for him to face members of the Evil League of Exes.  His band just so happens to play music written by Beck while his ex-girlfriend’s band plays music by Metric and the sound track is rounded out with songs from Broken Social Scene and The Black Lips.  It’s a magical mixture of wonderful indie bands.  Add in the video game referencing soundtrack created by Nigel Godrich and you have one of the most creative soundtracks that works perfectly to support the visual insanity on screen.

3. The geeky Easter eggs

It all starts off with a unique take on the Universal logo and song, and just gets crazier from there.  Edgar Wright has described this movie as being like a musical, but instead of people breaking into song when emotions run high, they break into fights – video game influenced fights.  There are musical cue references of everything from Street Fighter to Mario to just about every popular game from the late 80s.  There are flaming swords, people bursting into coins as though that happens in everyday life, and everyone in Scott’s life thinks a League of Evils Exes is perfectly normal.

4. See superheroes as super villains

Captain America, what are you doing?!  Superman, why did you bleach your hair?  Guy from Rushmore, why are you so evil?  Okay, so maybe Jason Schwartman hasn’t ever played a superhero, but in this film you get the future Captain America (former Human Torch) and Superman playing the other side – enjoying being deliciously evil as they torture poor Scott Pilgrim.

5. Wallace Wells

Everyone should have a best friend like Wallace Wells, someone who is grounded in reality yet manages to take the insanity of your life in stride.  Evil exes wanting to kill you?  No problem, he has your back (as long as it involves stalking his celebrity crush and he can stand far, far away).  High school girlfriend stalking you?  I’ll play interference.  Not to mention his telepathic connection to Scott’s sister, his dry wit, and his magical powers to get any guy into bed with him.  Who wouldn’t want a best friend like that?


This isn’t even taking into consideration the catchy one-liners, the humor, the visual effects that so perfectly translate a comic into a movie with comic elements, and the expansive yet excellent cast.  This movie is one of the most creative and unique films I’ve seen in quite some time and it’s so much fun.  You don’t need to have read the comics to get the movie.  Just go see it, laugh, enjoy and tell all your friends.