Countdown to Supernatural, Week 6: Evilest Bad Guys

The countdown continues as we’ve reached the six week mark.  Forty-two days until Sam and Dean return to our television sets and hints are spilling out from the set left and right.  While I try to remain spoiler free – or as spoiler free as I can be after attending the Supernatural panel at Comic Con – here’s this week’s Countdown to Supernatural.

The Winchesters live in a dangerous world.  Besides the ghosts and demons that seem to follow them around the country, they have angry gods and even angrier angels wanting a taste of their blood (or a ride in their bodies).  Here are the six evilest of the evil entities that have made Sam and Dean’s lives a living hell for the past five seasons.



6. Meg

Oh, Meg.  You’re so misunderstood.  You just wanted to be Sam’s friend.  You didn’t want to torture him and his brother, but he just wouldn’t listen and cooperate with your father’s plans to use him in leading a demon army and starting the apocalypse.  What choice were you left with?  And after the Winchesters went and killed you and your family, what other option did you have than to take you revenge?  It must have been sweet to take over Sam’s body and torture Dean like that.  And then later, after they had exorcised you for the second time, oh how wonderful to be there as Dean had to watch his father figure stab himself in the gut to avoid killing him.  And of course there are the hell hounds you set on the gang of demon hunters that led to the death of Jo and Ellen.  It must be nice to know that you’ve maimed and killed pretty much every ally the Winchesters ever had in their fight against evil.


5. Zachariah

Who knew that an angel could be so sadistic?  Not only did he spend all of seasons four and five torturing Dean and Sam – trapping them in alternate realities, sending Dean into a future full of Croatoan zombies, manipulating the very heavens to guilt trip them into working for them -  he had to bring poor innocent Adam back from the dead to trick Dean into being Michael’s vessel.  I mean, really, he’s an angel and one of his favorite past times is giving humans fatal diseases like stomach cancer and breaking their limbs when they don’t cooperate with his plans.  Perhaps he wasn’t the ultimate brains behind the angel faction determined to assist in the start of the apocalypse, but he definitely carried out enough torturous acts with a smile on his face to qualify for this list.


4. Ruby

And then two-faced Ruby.  Literally, she had two faces.  Well, more than two, but mainly she had two faces – blonde and brunette Ruby.  Blonde Ruby manipulated the boys into Lilith’s hands, leading to Dean being ripped to shreds by hell hounds and thrown into hell.  Yes, she saved their asses many times, but ultimately she was working on the side of Lilith and Satan, playing the long con against Sam.  Then came brunette Ruby, who strategically played the boys against each other and built Sam’s powers up because he alone had the power to break the final seal.  In the end, she deserved more than the quick death she received, though it was sweet irony that her death came by way of her own knife.


3. Lucifer

How is Lucifer not the ultimate evil?  Well, he was kind of a wuss.  Yes, he wanted to take over the world, killing people with the snap of his fingers to raise the horseman Death, but in the end, he just wanted his brother to love him.  He wanted to tell everyone the truth and show them that his side was the honest, true side.  And then he would stick his fist through your chest cavity and pull your heart out.  He singlehanded cleaned out a hotel full of ancient gods and murdered Gabriel (RIP).  His appearance alone cost the lives of hundreds of people, including a large number of hunters, and made the world a literal living hell for everyone, but especially for the Winchesters.  In the end, he got beaten by a melted GI Joe stuck in the Impalas ashtray.  I think that’s a suitable ending to such an evil yet wussy villain.


2. Lilith

With her panache for living inside creepy little girls and her attempt to seduce Sam that one time, Lilith gives me the creeps.  She was second in command after Azazel and took up his task of bringing about the apocalypse once he died, and with the assistance of Ruby, finally released Lucifer from his cage.  Despite the absolute evilness of sentencing the world to a firey and brimstoney death, I think her worst sin was destroying the police station in “Jus in Bello”, killing off Agent Hendrikson, who could have easily become the Winchesters’ best ally.


1. Yellow Eyes/Azazel

Without Yellow Eyes, Sam and Dean might have had a normal life.  Their father wouldn’t have died and Mary wouldn’t have had to make the deal that left Sam with demon blood and her on the ceiling of a burning nursery.  Though you can say that he was just trying to release Lucifer and thus Lucifer is the worst bad guy, I disagree.  Without Azazel, Lucifer and Lilith, not to mention his “daughter” Meg, would have never had the access to evil that they did.  Single-handedly he ruined the lives of the entire Winchester family and was the very first sign of the apocalypse.  Countless people died due to his evil ways, including both Sam and Dean, and that’s why he’s the evilest of the evil on Supernatural.

Did I leave off someone important?  Think the Trickster belongs on the list?  Or maybe crazy Gordon?  Let me know in the comments below.