Highlights of Comic Con 2010: Some Thoughts from Fernando

An after thought from Comic Con 2010: The most memorable thing I took from this Comic Con.
By Fernando


Epic awesomeness can indeed be harnessed and marketed to.  One thing was clear from the first minute that I arrived at the San Diego Convention Center: Scott Pilgrim vs the World was going to be epic.  Now whether an epic success or epic fail, I hadn’t decided yet, and only the next three days would help determine which.  After three days of lines, crowds, swag and panels, Scott Pilgrim did indeed have an epic win.  The movie’s advertising team deserves a shiny one-up button because very few Comic Con attendees had an unfavorable view of Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

The Tron: Legacy banners that blanketed the Gas Lamp District (and three years of hype) helped the Tron panel be one of the most anticipated panels for all of Comic Con; however, after the panel, attendees were still left questioning just what kind of movie they would get come Christmas time.  Yes, the visuals from the footage were amazing and no doubt that Tron: Legacy will be a visually stunning movie.  Yet after leaving Comic Con I still feel more drawn to re-watching Scott Pilgrim vs the World than I anticipate watching Tron: Legacy for the first time.