Countdown to Supernatural, Week 5: Favorite Castiel Moments

Five weeks until the premiere of Supernatural’s sixth season and we here at Working for Mandroid are getting ridiculously excited.  Too excited to still have to wait five more weeks when there are so many spoilers flying around the interwebs.  The season 5 DVD doesn’t even come out for another few weeks.  But alas, we must be patient, so I continue the countdown.

Today is Misha Collins’ birthday.  If you’ve read our “About Us” page, you’ll know I have a minor obsession with Mr. Collins and his angelic alter ego.  So on behalf of the birthday boy, this week’s countdown focuses on the Winchesters’ angelic ally, Castiel.  Since he was introduced in season 4, he has become a polarizing character to the fans, but here at Working for the Mandroid, we’re quite fond of our confused little angel, so full of failing at acting human, and we’re very glad that he’s returning in season 6.  Here are his five best moments so far.


5. Dean attempting to rid Castiel of his virginity (Free to Be You and Me, 05.03)

On what would become one of a string of “last night on earth” moments, Dean decides that Castiel can’t die a virgin.  Does he hire a call girl to come to them?  No, he takes an angel of the Lord to a whore house (or as Cas prefers, “a den of iniquity”) where the angel guzzles beer in attempt to ignore the half naked women around him.  In the end, he uses his angelic powers to freak out the prostitute by bringing up her daddy issues and then not having any idea what he did wrong.  He was only trying to help!


4. Beating the crap out of Dean (Point of No Return, 05.18)


Castiel just did what many of the viewers have been wanting to do all season – beat the crap out of Dean to prove to him that he’s better than all this, stronger than an angelic family feud.  After nearly a season of Cas being the obedient sidekick, he finally lashes out, showing off that he’s still a powerful, heavenly being despite being cut off from heaven.  Dean needed his ass kicked, and Castiel really needed to be the one to do it.  The scene was capped perfectly when Cas transports them back to Bobby’s house.  When Sam asks what happen to Dean, Castiel replies, “Me.”  Enough said.


3. Hippy Castiel of the future likes his pills and his orgies (The End, 05.04)

The future version of Castiel was both hilarious and absolutely tragic.  After becoming mortal when the other angels left Earth, he fills the hole left by his angelic powers with drugs, alcohol and lots of orgies, and yet somehow developed a dry sense of humor as he joined Dean in the fight against the Croatoan zombies.  It still pisses me off that future!Dean sacrificed him in his hunt for Lucificer!Sam even though it never really happened.  I agree with Dean: Cas, never change.


2. BAMF Castiel carves an Enochian symbol into his chest (Point of No Return, 05.18)

“Point of No Return” was a highlight episode for Castiel.  He is generally kind of the dopey straightman, confused by humanity and how to fit into the world around him.  During the 100th episode though, his anger and hopelessness turned him into a fighter.  In order to help Sam and Dean rescue their half brother Adam from Zachariah’s clutches, Cas used the only thing he had available – his own body – to eject the angels guarding the “heavenly green room”.  As he took off his tie and pulled a box cutter out of his trench coat, you still don’t expect him to rip open his shirt and make his own blood sacrifice, potentially destroying himself in the process, just so the Winchesters can attempt a rescue mission.  When it comes down to it, Castiel is a total BAMF.


1. His first appearance (Lazarus Rising, 04.01)

There is not a more memorable moment for Castiel than his dramatic entrance into the abandoned barn only to be shot, stabbed and attacked by Dean and Bobby.  Yes, he looked like a tax accountant, but when the lighting flashed and we got our first glimpse of his shadowed wings, the entire show spun on its head.  We were in new territory and our guide was not one to be messed with.  Even if he hadn’t calmly pulled Ruby’s knife out of his chest and handed it back to Dean, he would have won us all over with his monotone delivery of that epic line: “I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.”

He might as well have ended it with “And don’t fuck with me.”


Runner Up Moments: Castiel coming over to Dean’s side and zapping him out of the green room in “Lucifer Rising”; duck taped Cas recognizing Gabriel in “Changing Channels”; action figure Cas in “I Believe the Children Are Our Future”; Cas being really awful at being an FBI agent in “Free to Be You and Me”; hungry, hungry Cas in “My Bloody Valentine”; Cas fighting Uriel in “On the Head of a Pin”; Cas losing his faith in “Dark Side of the Moon”; and of course, “Hey, assbutt!”