Random Acts of Charity: Misha Collins' Marathon for the Random Acts Foundation


Above you will see Misha Collins attempting to discuss his charity, Random Acts, while running through a neighborhood and filming himself at the same time.  In it he discusses the Random Acts of Kindess that his charity has accomplished since it was formed after the success of his Haiti earthquake fundraiser.  If the footage of him helping a little boy pick out a pair of new sneakers doesn't make you smile (or tear up) just a little, you have no heart.  I don't even want to know the story behind the fake moustaches everyone wears.

On September 5, Mr. Collins will be running a marathon to raise money for this charity to continue to do the random acts of kindess that endear him to us when he's not being a psychopathic dictator.  On that day, he will run between 1 km and 100 km within a 24-hour time period.  I'm pretty sure it's not all going to happen at once (like an actual marathon), but throughout the day.  In return, the money that is raised will be spent on Haitian orphanages, flooding victims in Pakistan, and random acts of kindness to make people smile.

If you want to donate to this special cause, please visit the Misha's Run page of Therandomact.org / Minion Stimulus site.  While he might not be curing diseases or savings the world, he and his group of minions are making the word nicer just by being nice.


* We are not trying to sell you anything.  I'm getting nothing out of this and Working for the Mandroid has already made a pledge to the cause.