Bioshock Infinite Trailer: Murderous Robots, Airships, a City in the Sky!

The trailer for the next installment of the Bioshock series moves away from Rapture into the sky city of Columbia.  The gorgeous trailer below shows off a first person view of robot attacks, airships and lots of pretty flowers.

The story released so far is that you'll play as Booker DeWitt, a detective searching for a girl in the midst of this city built on blimps.  How gorgeous is that trailer?  This makes my steampunk, robot-loving heart happy.  What doesn't make me so happy is that Bioshock Infinite isn't expected to be released until 2012 at the earliest.  Let's just hope this one is like Final Fantasy XIII Versus and it does finally see the light of day.


Credit: PC Gamer for posting the trailer (even if I'll be playing it on a PS3) and Kotaku for an overview of the demo.