Countdown to Supernatural, Week 2: Most Shocking Moments

Fourteen days and counting!  The CW is already rolling out their fall lineup with The Vampire Diaries and Nikita starting last night (no spoilers, haven’t watched yet!) and the other channels will start filling up my Tivo with new episodes in the upcoming weeks, but we still have a little bit of time before our favorite pair of brothers return to our screen.  So we continue with our countdown.

Over the course of the last five seasons, Supernatural has provided a number of shocking moments – most recently, the sudden bloody explosion of Castiel by a vengeful Lucifer.  People have died, then brought back to life; demons have become friends and, more often than not, friends have become demons.  There was the unexpected car wreck involving a demon driven 18-wheeler and a destroyed Impala.   Then the Roadhouse burnt to the ground with poor Ash inside.  Not to mention the sudden appearance of a demon-killing knife welded by a demon.  And then there was the random introduction of angel, burning out poor Pamela’s eyes in the process of his introduction.

All shocking and memorable moments in the history of Supernatural, but in the end, there are two moments that stand out above all else and always come to mind when I’m asked what the most memorable moments of the show are.  Both were events that left me with my mouth gaping open and eyes wide, not sure how The Powers That Be would resolve such monumental events.  In the end, each of these two events changed the course of the events within the Supernatural story and led the Winchesters to that final showdown of the apocalypse.

Without further ado, here’s the most shocking moments from the first five seasons of Supernatural.


2. Sam getting stabbed in the back by Jack in “All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1”


In the penultimate episode of season two, Sam finds himself suddenly in a ghost town in South Dakota with a handful of other psychic kids.  As the other kids die one by one by Ava’s hand, Sam receives visits from Azazel, encouraging him to fight back and win this death match in order to lead a demon army by opening a devil’s gate.*

After Jake kills off Ava, there remain only two potential victors.  In the end Sam does the Sam-like thing and shows mercy to Jake during their final hand-to-hand combat, knocking him unconscious and leaving him in the dirt when he finds Dean coming for him.  His naiveté led to a sharp knife right between the shoulder blades as he headed towards his brother’s arms.  For the first time, one of the Winchesters was in mortal danger and didn’t look like a nice solution was on the horizon.  We finished the episode not knowing where the show would go with one dead brother and the other mourning yet another loss.

For most shows, a dead main character would have been the season ending cliff hanger, but not with Supernatural.  We only had to wait one excruciating week to find out how Dean would get his brother back, but that didn’t change the affect Sam’s first death had on the show.

* How would the demon army fit in with the plan of the apocalypse?  Would they have just broken the seals faster, releasing Lucifer sooner?  Or was this just a way to get Sam on the demons’ side?  What would have happened if Sam had stayed dead and Luci didn’t have a proper vessel?  So many “what could have been questions” and no one to answer them.


1. Dean gets ripped to shreds by Lilith’s hell hounds and is last seen hanging from meat hooks in hell, yelling for Sam in “No Rest for the Wicked”


Throughout the shortened third season, we watched Dean tail spin into despair as he faced the impending payout of his deal with the crossroad demon to bring Sam back from the dead.  I don’t think anyone actually expected Dean to end up in hell, and if he did, that TPTB would actually show it.

As the Winchesters finally tracked down Lilith on “shore leave”, Sam, Dean, Bobby and the blonde Ruby went to kill the demon that held Dean’s contract.  Hiding within the shell of a little girl, spending her free time torturing a family as she killed its members one by one, she surrounded herself with a small neighborhood of demons ready for the attackers.  With the clever use of a holy water sprinkler, Sam and Dean were able to get into the house, only for Lilith to smuggle her way into Ruby’s meatsuit without anyone noticing, and she laid the final nail in Dean’s coffin.

While showing the gory shredding of Dean by hell hounds was not unexpected (we’d seen a similar event take place in “Cross Road Blues” in season two when the hell hounds were introduced), that TPTB had the guts to show Dean with meat hooks through his skin, screaming for help, was actually shocking.  It left us with much to think about over the summer as Dean burned and Sam suffered the repercussions of temporarily destroying Lilith and watching his brother die.

After that trend, it’s amazing both boys survived the end of season four (though a divine hand was involved in intervening) and only one brother end up eaten by the pit of Satan in the most recent season ender.


Now how will Sam make his return?  Two more weeks and we finally find out!  NO SPOILERS PLEASE!