Random Tuesdays: Last Minute Fill In With Zombies and Matt Bomer

I have a number of reasons why this will be a short post, but the primarily ones are that A. I was expecting a guest post for today that did not appear, B. I'm really, really hungry, and C. My Internet seems to think it's 1999 again and I lack the patience I had when I was 14 and the Internet was OMGLOLSOCOOL!

So today you get random trailers for random things I'm looking forward to this month.

First we have the trailer to the movie In Time.  I'm not a giant Justin Timberlake fan.  I still have some lingering adolescent boyband angst somewhere deep down inside that prevents me from being a fan, but this movie has Matt Bomer in it.  I love Matt Bomer.  He is the most attractive man on the planet.  This movie also has his evil twin in it, who I always refer to as Scarecrow, but who probably prefers to be called Cillian Murphy.  It comes out on October 28.  Enjoy.


Next we have zombies.  It is, after all, the month of Halloween.  I was only mildly impressed with the first season of The Walking Dead, but Fernando is reading all the graphic novels now and says it gets so much better.  I'm just hoping this season brings in the girl with the katana swords.  Season two begins this Sunday on AMC.


And finally, I saw the pilot episode of Once Upon a Time at Comic Con back in July.  Perhaps next Random Tuesday I'll have a proper review of it for you, but for today, all I have is the trailer and one thought - This show is far too whimsical for its own good.  I really enjoyed it, but normal people are probably going to think I'm insane.  This one premieres on Sunday, October 23, on ABC.  If you like whimsical faerie tale things, you should give it a try.


What are you looking forward to this month?  Or what are you consuming today?  I think I'm going to dive back into Wither after watching last night's episode of Castle.  Once I find something for dinner, of course.