Blog Hop Friday (2) - Costumes and Dinner Plans

Today is Friday, which means we should all follow each other.  Not in a stalker sort of way, but in a friendly cotton candy and popcorn sort of way.  It also means the movie In Time comes out today and it's officially SAM AND DEAN DAY the night Supernatural comes on.  And Chuck returns tonight!  Okay, In Time might have to wait until tomorrow...

Don't mind me.  I've had a lot of sugar today and I'm a bit twitchy.

First we have Follow Friday, hosted by Rachel of Parajunkee and Alison of Alison Can Read.


Q. If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve?

You’d think this would be an easy question.  I read a lot of books.  I like to eat.  Why not merge the two?  But I’m really not sure.  Would I have tea with Alexia Maccon from the Parasol Protectorate series?  Would I crash a Gatsby party?

No, I think I would want to have a meal with Thursday Next from Jasper Fforde’s series of the same name.  Her job is to jump into other books and resolve disputes and issues that conflict with the original telling of a story.  She’s had adventures and faced danger.  She’s even had to suffer through her husband being eradicated from the time stream.  She’d have a million stories to tell.  I’d serve anything other than Battenberg cake*.  I think we’d just head to a pub for fish and chips while she tells me her tales of adventure.


* That makes sense if you’ve read The Eyre Affair.


And now for the Book Blogger Hop from Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books!

Book Blogger Hop

Q. What is your favorite Halloween costume? Even if you don’t celebrate, what kinds of costumes do you like?

Last year my nephew dressed up as a monkey.  He was the cutest little toddling monkey the world has ever seen.  Once he got two Blowpops he was also the happiest little monkey (they fit perfectly in his 19 month old hands).  He’s going to be a blonde Diego this year.  He will, of course, be the cutest little Diego ever.  This year I think it might be harder to get the chocolate candy away from him though…

I prefer costumes that aren’t obviously store bought, ones that take effort and planning, which is why I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since I was 12.  I was fond of my female Huck Finn costume that I wore when I was 10-ish – pigtails, drawn on freckles, frayed overalls, dingy t-shirt, and a fishing pole.  It was easy to put together, but I thought it was pretty fun and unique.

To me though, Halloween is mostly to see adorable small children dressed in adorable costumes.  I’m looking forward to all the tiny little superheroes that come looking for candy on Monday night.