Random Tuesdays: Site Announcements, Television Talk and Other Really Random Things

This week's Random Tuesday post is a hodge-podge of television rambles, website announcements and various odds and ends that have built up in my head over the course of the last few days.  First the announcements!


I'm excited (and a bit nervous) to announce that Working for the Mandroid will be participating in its first author blog tour during the month of October.  We will also be participating in our second, third and fourth blog tour over the course of the next month as well.  No one has ever accused me of being an underachiever.

It starts next week with Richard Blunt's Lucas Trent: Guardian of Magic.  I'll have a review up on Monday, and the author will stop by for a guest post next Tuesday.  I just started this book and it looks like it will be an interesting YA title.  More about that entire tour can be found here.

I found out a little while ago that WFTM will also be hosting a giveaway and review of Bloodlines by Lindsay Anne Kendal as part of her blog tour on October 18.  The author might also stop by for a guestpost some time around then as well.

Then comes my attempt to break out of my angel rut with an adult take on the celestial creatures - Nephilim by Mary Ann Loesch.  We're the second to last stop on the tour with a review on October 27.  To see a list of the entire tour, click here.

And finally on November 2, as part of the blog tour for Devil's Hands by John ME Patterson, we'll have a review.  You can find more information about this tour here.

We're also participating in the Spooktacular Blog Hop scheduled October 24-31.  It's another hop hosted by the lovely Kathy at I Am a Reader, Not a Writer and co-hosted by Rhianna at The Diary of a Bookworm.  These have been so much fun that I'm eager to participate again.


So I think those things will keep me busy for the next few weeks.  Moving on...  random (and short) thoughts about SupernaturalTerra Nova, Starbucks, audio books and comic books.


If you wondered why there was no Supernatural babble this weekend, I have two excuses for you:

1. My nephew's birthday party was Saturday and my parents were in town all weekend.

2. This episode "Hello, Cruel World" felt very much like the first half of a two hour episode.  Even after watching it twice I'm having a hard time forming a solid opinion about it.

Really blatant spoilers ahead


I hope she doesn't die in the next episode. I like her.What I can say is that I'm glad they didn't drag out Sam's hallucinations.  If they had, there was the potential for Soulless Sam 2.0, where the plot device lasts far longer than its effectiveness.  While the way Dean convinced Sam that he really was back - through bloody physical pain - was disturbing, it makes sense that after the psychological suffering Sam has gone through, only physical pain can really make a mark on his psyche.

I forgot how much I liked Sheriff Mills.  I believe she's going to be around for a few episodes, which makes me happy.  Burning down Bobby's house?  Not so happy.

And then there's Castiel.  Sigh.  I will live in my nice little bubble of denial and believe that he's still alive in some form or another until we see shadow wings on the ground.  Though now I'm second guessing myself - were there shadow wings when Raphael blew up?

You have some red on you.No, not going to think about it.  My denial bubble is warm, comfortable and full of cupcakes, so I will stay here and believe that Cass is still alive somewhere.

I jumped the first time the Leviathan showed their teeth.  And the second time.  I really enjoyed the way they were introduced as monsters - sort of a demon-y version of the angel hierarchy with shapeshifting tendencies.  This could be an interesting season.

Perhaps I'll have more thoughts on this episode once the third episode airs.

You're welcome.

Chomp ChompFernando and I watched the two-hour pilot of Terra Nova last night.  I was hoping more people would get eaten by dinosaurs, but whatever.  I'm over emo teenage boys who have such man-pain that they put themselves in mortal danger by doing stupid things.  I hope the rest of the show focuses more on the parents than the kids.  And of course the dinosaurs.  Needs more dinos!


Did people realize that Starbucks gives away free download codes for books every few weeks?  My mom gave me a card to download The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern while she was here.  Considering I don't drink coffee, this was news to me.  Now Fern will make a weekly "sacrifice" of stopping by Starbucks to see what they're giving out.


I'm currently listening to Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr during my commute.  The person reading the story is awesome at the different character voices, but her standard reading narrator voice is bothering me.  It's very upper-class Shakespearen in pronunciation and very over enunciated as well.  It probably doesn’t help there’s a character with my name and she mispronounces it.  Hopefully the story itself will make up for the bothersome narrator.  For those of you who listen to audiobooks, have you come across particular readers that drive you crazy?  What did they do that didn't work?  

This is my same concern with getting White Cat by Holly Black.  It's read by Jesse Eisenburg, the guy from The Social Network and Zombieland.  His voice bothers me in films sometimes.  I don't know if I could listen to it for 10+ hours.


I'm such a bad comic fan!I have a stack of library books and comics waiting for me.  I hope to have thoughts regarding the first month of the DCnU reboot on Thursday.  Fernando has read more of them than I and has mixed reactions.  Considering some of the #2 issues come out tomorrow, I should probably get to it.  I fear the library books will be returned unread (oh, the horror!).


And that's all the randomness I have for you today.  Any random thoughts on your mind you want to share?

Now back to my cupcakes and denial.