Contest Winners: Book Lover's Holiday Giveaway Hop & Antiquitas Lost

I am officially off of work until January 3.  You do not know how giddy that makes me.  Also, today is apparently National Cupcake Day and I had to learn it from the news guy this morning, so I'm not even prepared!  Someone send me cupcakes, stat!

Over the last few weeks, WFTM has hosted a couple of contests and has chosen winners.  Said winners have been contacted and accepted their prizes.  But just in case you were wondering...

The winner of our Book Lover's Holiday Hop contest was Raelena of Throu the Haze.  She chose to receive a copy of Modelland, so Raelena, if you're reading this, I'm getting it in the mail tomorrow morning.

Another contest ended earlier this afternoon and, unlike my usual self, I picked a winner an hour later.  So congrats to Alyssa for winning a copy of Antiquitas Lost.


Some time tomorrow another contest is going up to celebrate our six month anniversary and to keep people occupied while we're drowning in holiday craziness.  I highly recommend you stop by!