Random Tuesdays: Supernatural and Other Fannish Art You Should Buy

I am so very happy about news I received last night.  My inner fangirl has been dancing all day.  In celebration I give you some art I found online this afternoon that I will buy with my monies when I have... you know, monies.

Gingerhaze is my new favorite artist.  I'd previously seen the hipster Lord of the Rings beach party picture, but I didn't realize she did art in other fandoms.  The Doctor and Gandalf ones make me happy too.  I need monies so I can give it all to Gingerhaze.

Now I have discovered her tumblr page and am contemplating starting my own just so I don't lose track of hers.  She draws bananas in pajamasYou should all go to her store and buy her things.



Noelle, if you would like me to take this down, please let me know.  I just got super excited and want everyone to know about your awesome fanish artwork.