Summer Giveaway Hop Winner!

We had an outstanding turnout in our Summer Giveaway Hop contest!  It went way beyond our expectations, so thank you all for being so awesome and stopping by the site.  We hope you continue to drop by to check out our other content and maybe even suggest things you would like to see us cover.  Being pretty new, we're always open to suggestions!

Anyway, on to the winner!  With the help of the handy number generator at, entry #382 was selected - Harpreet from A Spark of Interest - Books for Teens

Harpreet, I will be shipping out the Twilight Prize Pack in the next day or two, so keep an eye out for it.


For everyone else, we're planning on hosting additional contests very soon.  We'll be taking part in the Back to School Giveaway Hop starting September 1, but I think we might try to give away some of the Comic Con swag before then.  You'll just have to keep checking back in!


And if you were wondering about the results of my very informal poll, an overwhelming number of you told me to buy lots and lots of books with my hypothetical $100 Amazon giftcard - 72% in fact!  Here were the final results:

72% - Books books books book!

19% - Use it to purchase a Kindle

4% - Buy some presents for Fernando since he helped lug books back from Comic Con

3% - Buy more comics!

1% - Purchase a snazzy new eye patch for Mandroid

1% - Something else I will mention in the comments

Books books books books!