In Which I Brag About My Artist Alley Spoils - featuring Katie Cook, Grant Gould, and many others

One of my favorite things to do at San Diego Comic Con is wander through Artist Alley.  This is the part of the exhibit hall floor were artists set up tables to sell their own artwork. A lot of it is comic book artists with the type of art that sorta hurts my head - women with inflatable breasts and copious amount of backbreaking ass shots.  Those booths I walk right by.  Thankfully there are other booths with art more to my and Fernando's liking.

Last year we bought a few things, mostly dark, ominous superhero things, so this year my goal was to get bright, fun art and lots of superheroines.  My house needs more superheroines! 

Please forgive the terrible pictures.  They really don't do this wonderful art justice, but my photographer (Fernando) is a couple thousand miles away and won't be returning until Friday.  And Mandroid is all thumbs with a camera... which is odd since he doesn't really have thumbs.

Speaking of Mandroid, Katie Cook is awesome.  This is not the first time I've mentioned her and it definitely won't be the last.  If Katie Cook was hired to draw any superhero book, I would faithfully buy multiple copies of every issue.  Her art makes me so happy.  So when I found her booth, I asked her to do a quick sketch of Mandroid reading.  Actually, I asked for a robot reading because I didn't think she'd have any idea what a Mandroid was.  What seemed like five seconds later, she handed this back to me:

Before that terrible Steampunk Convention accident that took his eye...

Going into the Con, I really wanted to get Katie to do a commission (or five) for me, but I lost my nerve and bought a few more adorable sketch cards from her instead.


I fell in love with the cupcake at first sight.  Fern picked out Edward Scissorhands
and who could resist a panicked C3PO?

Next to Katie's table was a gentleman who drew awesome things.  We quickly dubbed him "The Cute Yoda Guy".  His real name is Grant Gould and he is also awesome because he draws Doctor Who.  Check his blog out and see some of the cast of Game of Thrones checking out his GoT art.  He's another that I might have to get a commission from next year if he returns.

Always trust the Doctor.  And cute Yoda.

There was one other artist that I had to visit, Lord Mesa.  Last year I bought a super cute picture he created of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman that is now hanging in my library.  He also does this thing where he draws 3D art.  It's really cool, but I don't know how functional it is within a home.  Either way, I had to return for more.  So I did, and got more cute superheroes.

I love how smug Wonder Woman looks here.

And then, to continue my task of getting awesome art of awesome superheroines, I got this print from an artist whose name I did not get.  Because I'm an awful person.  And I get so excited by the art that I forget to do things like, you know, ask important questions, like what's the artist's name?  Based on his signature, it's Peter something. It's Peter V. Nguyen and he has more awesome art on Tumblr.  Thank you, Google!

Either way, this Bat Family print makes me happy because Batgirl is the focal point and there are two Robins.

I mean, really, look at how AWESOME Batgirl is.  She doesn't even need those other guys.


Fernando and I wandered around some more until we found a guy, Oliver Nome, who drew an awesome Wonder Woman, and because everyone can always use more Wonder Woman in their lives, we purchased it.  Even though she's not wearing pants, I really loved the way this print is composed.  She doesn't have inflatable breasts, she looks strong and powerful, and the ominous semi-creepy background is a nice contrast to her shininess.  He also happened to have awesome HitGirl and Death prints, so we, uh, got those too.

This will go nicely with the Death print I got at our very first Comic Con, though I think HitGirl
is going to have to go somewhere my baby nephew can't see it all the time.

This is the point in the journey when Fernando turned to me and said, "No more.  We still haven't finished framing all the things we got last year."  I agreed because frames get really expensive and wandered back to the book booths.  On my way, I passed the Aspen Comics booth, where I was introduced to Lady Mechanika.  After searching a few other places, I managed to compile the first three issues of the comic, which are all equally gorgeous and apparently pretty rare, but I also impulsively bought this limited edition Lady Mechanika print.

I haven't read her comic yet, but I can already tell she's my kind of lady.  Or is that android?

This was the point where I physically removed myself from the exhibit hall before I could buy anything else and called Comic Con 2011 done.  I think I successfully completed my goal of more bright, fun art that feature lots of badass women.  What do you think?

Guh... I could stare at that Lady Mechanika print for hours.  So. Awesome.


To find out more about all these awesome artists, here are links to more of their art:

Katie Cook:

Grant Gould:


Peter V. Nguyen:

Oliver Nome:

Aspen Comics & Lady Mechanika:



If you're one of the artists and would like me to take down the picture of your art, please email me at workingforthemandroid at gmail dot com.  I'll be happy to oblige.