Random Tuesdays: Attractive Gentlemen Who I Would Follow Anywhere

During the previews for The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, we saw a different trailer for the upcoming Justin Timberlake movie, In Time, than we’d seen before.  This one featured an actor who I had no idea was in this movie, and from the looks of the trailer, he won’t be in it for very long.  And yet his presence in the film makes me want to see that movie now.  It made me think of the people I would follow just about anywhere in their creative endeavors, watch movies I wouldn’t ordinarily care about because they’re in it or try a television series unlike anything I like because they star in it.  I like to think that everyone has at least one or two entertainers that they follow everywhere, but then again, perhaps it’s my complete-ist OCD kicking in again.  I do have one small caveat – I won’t follow anyone into horror movies.  I have enough nightmares on my own.  But a cop procedural?  A cheesy rom-com?  A period piece?  Yeah, with any of these gentlemen, I'd give it a shot.

Anyway these are the four gentlemen I would follow anywhere (except to horror movies):


I don't think he's realHe really should be SupermanFirst up is the guy referenced above.  If you watch television, you might know him as Neil Caffrey (White Collar) or even Bryce Larkin (Chuck), though I imagine most people know him as Matt Bomer.  In my world, he’s known as “The Most Attractive Man on the Planet” because really, look at him.  No, really, I’ll wait.

After appearing on Chuck, I followed him to White Collar, what looked to be a generic USA procedural show.  He’s the only reason I want to see a movie starring Justin Timberlake.  It might just because he’s gorgeous, but I also want to see what other characters he can play besides the attractive, sneaky thief/spy with the witty one-liners.  He’s why I have Tru Calling in my Netflix queue as well as Traveler if that’s ever released.  And of course, he will be the only reason I would ever sit through a movie about male strippers.  I mean, who wouldn't?

My DoctorThen of course there is the sole reason I went to see the remake of Fright Night - David Tennant.  While he wasn’t technically my first doctor, he is very much my Doctor.  His very existence makes me smile, though I have to admit, when I see him playing characters other than the Doctor, I have a tendency to giggle maniacally until I can gain control of myself (see Bright Young Things, where he had a silly mustache, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when he had that tongue thing going on).  I very much wish that more of his work from across the pond would make it over here because I’d love to see him in Blackpool, The Chatterly Affair and St. Trinian’s II

Maybe it's the wings...I would follow just about all the guys from Supernatural wherever they choose to go (except for horror movies), but there’s one in particular that I love most of all and that would be Misha Collins.  Because of him, I have sat through the entire repetitive, boring first season of 24.  I giggled myself silly watching the lovely Saturday night Syfy movie Stonehenge Apocalypse (“It was a robot head!”) and found on YouTube his bits from the assorted procedurals on which he’s guest starred.  The only exception for Mr. Collins is a Canadian film he made called Karla, but that’s just because he keeps saying it’s awful and no one should watch it.  That and I caught about ten minutes of it on Lifetime one weekend afternoon and he gave me the heebie-jeebies so I’m considering it a horror movie.  To be perfectly honest, I just want to follow Misha Collins in his everyday life while he’s being interesting and delightfully weird, which I realize is incredibly creepy.

The most underrated actors on televisionAnd just on a Supernatural-related side note – I started watching that show because I loved Jensen Ackles on Dark Angel and then started watching Gilmore Girls because I loved Jared Padelecki on SPN.  Sometimes this sort of thing becomes a vicious incestuous circle of things to watch.  And yes, I have watched clips of bad daytime television shows from when I was younger to see Jensen, and I remember Jared from when he was a trophy boy on the very first Teen Choice Awards.  I very much wish the two of them would get offers to do movies other than horror films.

And my CaptainThen of course, like all good geeks, there’s Mr. Nathan Fillion.  I have loved him since Two Guys, A Girl and (sometimes) a Pizza Place, which was one of the only shows I watched on a regular basis as a teenager, and I remember him from the soaps my mom watched when I was a kid.  I never in a million years would have started watching Castle if he wasn’t the star of it, and to be completely honest, I don’t believe the show would have lasted an entire season if it wasn’t for the immense charm of Nathan.  Of course there’s also Buffy, Firefly, and Serenity, not to mention Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  I probably would have even sat down and watched him on Desperate Housewives had I know he was on it, even though I know any part he wasn’t in would probably make me want to hit my face against the wall.  I’d much rather see him as Nathan Drake in the up-coming Uncharted film, fingers crossed.

I imagine I could list a half dozen more, such as Ewan McGregor and Bradley Cooper (Will Tippin!), but I’ll stop at four considering I already cheated and really named six.  I’ve also realized through this exercise the common denominator of turning me into an obsessive fan: Be on television, specifically in shows with funny dialogue that no one else I know watches.

At some later date, I’ll have to come up with a list of females I’d follow, not to mention musicians, writers, and directors.  I feel a marathon list making session coming on...

Do you have any actors you'll watch in anything?  Perhaps someone a bit under the pop culture radar?  Though I hardly need more things to consume, I'm always open to suggestions.