Television Recap: The Vampire Diaries - "The Hybrid" (ep. 03.02)

Do you ever have those days when everyone else seems to have left work early and forgot to tell you to go home?  And you get so bored that you can't think of what to do even though you know in the back of your head you have a dozen ways to occupy your time?  Yeah, that was today for me.  I think knowing that Supernatural comes back tonight made the day go by even slower.  So instead of doing something productive, like figure out what car I want to buy in the very near future, I wrote this recap/review of last night's The Vampire Diaries instead.

If it hadn't been for Austin City Limits Music Festival, I probably would have written an episode review for the season premiere that summed up to "That was underwhelming" and "Caroline is awesome, why is Tyler's mom evil?" and of course, "Stefan even makes evil look boring".  It was a pretty boring episode except for a few moments, particularly when Caroline picked up a guy and effortlessly moved him out of her way with one hand while crossing a crowded room.

A few random thoughts:

- I don't care what anyone says - "bad" Stefan is just as boring as "good" Stefan.

- Caroline and Tyler together?  Much hotter than I expected.

- Alaric is the worse role-model ever.

- Elena has returned to being an idiot.


There are, of course, spoilers all over the place.  Do not enter if you have not watched.


I used to hate this guyAnd then there was this week's episode, which was much better.  From the moment the creepy dad from Heroes showed up to "deal with" Caroline, I knew he would turn out to be her dad.  I don't know how i knew this, but I did.  Despite that, I think the entire Romeo & Juliet story they have going with Caroline and Tyler, no matter how cliché, is working out pretty well.  The scene where Tyler's mom watches him transform into a werewolf was both heartbreaking and a moment of victory.  Not all of us monsters are evil, mom!  The fact that Mrs. Lockwood had a change of heart without having to kill an innocent teenage boy (looking at you, Sheriff Forbes) might mean she's not an ice queen after all.


Brilliant plan, Elena

Any amount of appeal Elena might have slowly built over season 2 is officially gone.  She's supposed to be dead and she's trampling around in the mountains looking for werewolves.  There are so many things wrong with that.  First off, Elena and Alaric vs a pack of werewolves?  My money is on the werewolves whether the moon is out or not.  They are puny breakable humans and the werewolves are super-fast and super strong.  The fact that Elena is almost positive that Stefan and whatshisevilface are with this pack of werewolves adds to the "WTF?!" quotient.  She'd basically be putting everyone who hasn't already died back into danger, especially Stefan and herself, if Klaus finds out she's still alive.  What does she think she's going to do once she finds Stefan?  Magically stop Klaus from destroying them all and take Stefan home to cuddle?  I mean, really, stop being so stupid.  At least attempt to come up with a strategy before stalking the big bad evil guy who wants to kill you.  I mean, I don't find Klaus particularly menacing, but that's because the actor hasn't grown on me and I think he's trying too hard, but that doesn't mean he's not able to kill you all.

Not exactly my idea of boyfriend materialNot to mention the fact that Elena is now aware that Stefan is eating people and doesn't seem to mind at all.  I've expressed my concern for Elena's mental health before because she has very close friendships with people who eat other people without blinking an eye (as long as they aren't people she knows and even sometimes when they are).  I cannot respect that.  She's either in deep denial or it's the whole "their love is written in the stars" thing I hate so very much.  At least show a little bit of remorse or fear or anger that your boy scout boyfriend is now eating people.  She has once again found herself in my "stupid female protagonist" box.  And she was doing so well for a while... 

This will not end wellAlso as expected the ghost developed into one ghost wanting something and the other trying to stop it from happening.  Who is the right one?  I'm going with Anna just because I was not happy when she died and I couldn't care less about Vicki.  She's one of the prime examples of why I can't believe anyone would be Crazy Eyes Damon's friend.  He turned her into a vampire during a hissy fit and then they had to kill her.  That just doesn't sound like something I could forgive.

Speaking of Crazy Eyes, he should push people into lakes more often.  Not because I want to see him or anyone else wet necessarily, but because it made me laugh.  You know something is wrong when the psychopath is the one making sense in a situation and right about now, he's the only one that seems to see the potential damage that could be caused by Elena's sheer stupidity.  While there might be a little bit of Damon that wants to keep Stefan out of the picture so he can win Elena, I think he's mostly just trying to protect her and her friends, and the best way to do that is by keeping Klaus in the dark about her and Bonnie still breathing.  Despite being completely insane, Damon isn't stupid.  If they're all going to be his friend despite the occasional eating of people, they could at least listen to him every once in a while.

That can't be healthyI felt bad for the werewolf guy.  He seemed like he would be a nice werewolf like Tyler, not crazy like the pack from last season.  The bleeding from the eyes thing was also very disturbing.

And now, the day after, I can't remember anything about the preview for next week's episode, so it must not have had any shockers in it.  I just want to know when Bonnie comes back, so she can keep Tweedledee and Tweedledum from accidentally starting a zombie uprising or something.

What did you guys think?  Can any of you defend Elena and convenience me to take her out of the "stupid female protagonist" box?  


Screen caps came from Vampire Diaries Web. It's pretty handy.