Television Recap: Supernatural - "Meet the New Boss" (ep. 07.01)

A day and a half later and I still don’t really know how I feel about the season 7 premiere.  By the end I was giggling like a sociopath because the Powers That Be managed to give me what I most wanted while completely twisting it into something so deformed that I wasn’t sure I wanted it anymore.  It’s amazing how well the writers of Supernatural are able to do that.

Overall I thought it was leaps and bounds better than the opener for season 6.  More things happened, the story came together more cohesively at a quicker pace, and I feel as though the new plots starting up have a lot of interesting places they could go.  Sam and Dean seemed to be a bit more back to their usual selves as far as characterizations.  I bought Dean’s hopeless reaction to Godstiel’s revenge and Sam hiding his hallucinations from his brother to help lighten the load.

More behind the cut.  Spoilers of course.


I don’t think I’m going to be able to move on without getting this out of my head first.  MISHA COLLINS IS STILL ON THE SHOW!!  YAY! 

But he’s no longer Castiel and is now a silly-face-pulling psychotic monster(s?) in a meat suit.  NOOOOO!

And that was the conundrum I was left with at the end of this first episode – absolute joy that Misha wasn’t killed off out right and absolutely sadness that Castiel might be dead.  It left me in hysterical giggling that I couldn’t control.  I imagine that’s what I would sound like after a complete mental breakdown, which does not bode well for my sanity as I watch season 7.  I think, until proven otherwise, I will convenience myself that Castiel is just buried deep down beneath the monster(s?) in his meat suit and one day Dean and Sam will rescue him and he will be able to redeem himself.

Yes, that’s what I will believe until proven otherwise.  I think I can live with that.

On the other hand, Misha Collins acting over the top evil and silly at the same time?  YES, PLEASE! 

Can you see why I’m so conflicted and confused?


Cass is having a very bad dayBut back to the episode at hand.  We opened exactly where we left off with the new God (or Godstiel as he’s known in my head) proclaiming that the Winchesters and Bobby must bow to him or explode into a puddle of red goo like Raphael.  He spent the next 40 minutes smiting every fallacious religious figure, motivational speaker, disloyal angel and lying religious-bent politician he could find without ever blinking.  He assigned Crowley to remain in his position as king of hell, but only under new terms where Godstiel kept most of the souls.  His skin started burning off and then he lost his mind a little, passed out and woke up in a politician’s campaign office surrounded by lots of dead bodies and covered in blood.

Cheesy: changing Jesus in the stain glass window to himself

Awesome (though with bad special effects): Godstiel standing in the field surrounded by dead angels


Sam is having a very bad dayMeanwhile we have Sam hallucinating back to his time in hell with Lucifer and Michael.  Or is he hallucinating?  Thankfully I was completely unspoiled by the appearance of Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer in this episode, claiming that Sam was still in the pit and all that had happened in the “real world” was an elaborate jinn-like dream that he was using to torture Sam.  While I don’t buy that, it’s a compelling way to drive Sam crazy and it’s always nice to see Lucifer being mischievous.

Dean is having a very bad dayOnce again Dean put the Metallicar back together.  When all else fails and it seems like the world is falling apart, Dean always has that car to keep himself together.  His brilliant idea to bind Death in an attempt to kill Godstiel?  Not one of his finer moments.  No matter how much fried food you bring Death, turning him into a slave will not end well for you.  Thankfully this time around he just left the guys to clean up their own mess.

But no matter how I view this episode, all my thoughts eventually go back to Godstiel.  That he was able to admit when he went off the deep end and attempt to put the souls back into Purgatory surprised me.  I didn’t think his ego and all-knowing power would allow him to admit defeat.  And those fists punching out of his stomach were creepy.  For a moment though, Castiel was back and wanted to atone for his mistakes until he became a psychotic monster that made funny faces.  The writers are so good at dangling what you want in front of your face and then snatching it away.

Some things cannot be unseen

Speaking of the big evil monster(s?) living in Castiel, I’m a bit confused by the Supernatural take on Leviathans.  Aren’t those sea monsters?  How do they have fists and how do they possess a human?  Is Castiel going to grow scales and fins and run for the nearest beach?  Do the Leviathans have access to Castiel’s angelic powers or is he now just a meat suit with a monster in it?  Does this mean Behemoth might not be far behind?  Will he look like the Final Fantasy monster I associate with him?  I suppose both could be described as chaos monsters of land and sea, so maybe the plural of Leviathan is just putting them all into one category.

And now I’m doing religious research again.  See what Supernatural does?  It makes an agnostic like me suddenly attempt to be a religious scholar. 


Anyway, general opinion – awesome episode.  I wanted to watch it again immediately after finishing because I felt there were things I must have missed, but alas, Fernando wanted to watch Fringe so I haven’t had a chance for a second viewing.  What I do know is that this firmly conveniences me that anyone who stopped after season five should watch season six just so this awesome episode can be watched and make sense.

The Leviathans, on the other hand, are having a very good day