Waiting on Wednesday: Arkham City

I know the Waiting on Wednesday meme is for book bloggers and, for the most part, I blog about books.  This week, however, between the brain numbing repetitive project I'm doing at work and that underlying worry that all of Texas is on fire, I didn't have a book instantly in mind.  What I did have in mind was something vaguely book related in the sense that it involves comicbook characters, but I still feel like I'm cheating.  So no official W.O.W. graphic, no adding myself to the linky this week.  Just distracting myself with this video and wishing I had Batman: Arkham City in my hands right now so I don't worry about catching on fire.


Batman: Arkham City
Eidos Interactive
Releases October 18, 2011

Posted by the great IGN.com

Batman: Arkham Asylum is probably my favorite game I've played in a very long time that doesn't involve Lego characters or a psychopathic AI.  For some reason, most of my favorites tend to be one-player games, but Fernando and I still manage to play together, passing the controller back and forth at checkpoints or when we reach something that the other person is having difficulty getting through.  We often found ourselves playing Arkham Asylum until way past our bed times, and I imagine this will be more of the same.  New worlds to explore, more puzzles and riddles to solve and more bad guys to beat up.  Yes, Harley Quinn isn't a proper Harley Quinn, but she was a fun presence in the first game so I'll deal with the outfit.  And Catwoman!  For a time in this game, you get to be Catwoman! Is this out yet?

Is it out now?


How about now?




Sigh.  I guess I'll go watch The Dark Knight in the meantime...