2012 Science Fiction Reader Challenge: It's ALIVE!



Welcome one and all to the 2012 Sci-Fi Reader Challenge hosted by Working for the Mandroid!  As of this very moment there are currently 26 participants, which is above and beyond what I imagined when I put the challenge together.  There might be a few others joining us over the next few days as I wade through my overflowing inbox, and of course anyone can sign up at any point in the upcoming year.  The more people who get involved, the more fun we’ll have and the awesome science fiction we’ll discover together.

So this is how things are going to work:  On the first day of each month, I will post a Sci-Fi Reader Challenge round up post where I’ll track my own progress with the challenge and tack on a linky for all the participants to use to link up their reviews for the following month.  Because this is our first month, I have no progress to report, but this will act as our January page to keep track of our progress, to make comments, ask questions, whatever.  At the end of the post, there’s a linky where you can put up links to your reviews and a permanent link to this post will be in the top of the left sidebar for easy navigation.

For a reminder, the challenge is to read at least one science fiction book for each of the following 12 categories:

YA/MG Science Fiction

Adult Science Fiction

Hugo Winner

Science Fiction Classic – Pre-1950s

Science Fiction Modern Classic – 1951-1992




Time Travel/Alternate History/Parallel Universe



Mad Scientists/Genetic Testing/Environmental Disaster


This month I'm hoping to get to The Pearl Wars by Nick James as my steampunk entry and perhaps Partials by Dan Wells as my Apocalyptic/Dystopia choice.  If you need ideas for any of the categories, just ask or check out the sign up page for additional ideas.

So have loads of fun and tell me all about the great sci-fi books that enter your life this month and throughout the year.  I’m looking forward to hearing about all your new discoveries and enjoying an exploration of the science fiction genre with all of you!