Other 2012 Reader Challenge #6: 2012 Sci-Fi Challenge Hosted by Curiosity Killed the Bookworm

After starting up our own 2012 Sci-Fi Readers Challenge, I stumbled across Ellie’s at Curiosity Killed the Bookwork.  Because I could not deny the adorableness of her challenge’s graphic, I signed on a concurrent challenge to our own.  There can never be too much sci-fi in my life!

The Challenge:  To read at least one science fiction book a month, but each person can choose their own targets.

The Rules:

Runs throughout 2012.  You don’t have to be a book blogger to enter; just have an account where a review could be posted and you can do the challenge.

The neat thing about this challenge is that each month Ellie will be choosing a science fiction book as an optional read-along, so it’s part challenge, part book group.  She’ll also be hosting giveaways throughout the year.  Since this fits in well with our own challenge, it’s a good match up.  Plus you can put the cute storm trooper button up on your site!


My target science fiction in-take for the year – and therefore this challenge – is at least twenty-four books.  I imagine I’ll go above and beyond that, but it’s a nice safe number that fits two books for each of the catagories in my own sci-fi challenge.