Random Tuesday: Steampunk Disney, Flirting in Bookstores & More

If you haven't noticed, I've been on radio silence for most of the last five days with the exception of posting a review of Dearly, Beloved by Lia Habel yesterday. Because of that radio silence, I haven't stumbled across as many random things this last week, but here are a few totally random things for your enjoyment.

New York Comic Con was this weekend and I haven't had a chance to see what went down, but TheMarySue.com introduced me to the art of Amy Mebberson. I'll take steampunk Disney characters anyday and there's some super cool pieces (including Donald Duck as the Doctor!) on her Tumblr.

For you single people, here are 7 Rules for Flirting in a Bookstore.

The Huffington Post has an interesting take on female villians written by Warren Adler. It includes a top 10 evil females list, which is always fun though it focuses more on classics.

This doesn't need much explanation besides the title - Jason Peltz's awesome artwork, If Dr. Seuss wrote Star Wars

Firefly: The Animated Series? Yes, please.

If you didn't see it last night, JK Rowling was on The Daily Show. It's a pretty good interview, but definitely on the more political side.