Review: The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere - "Seed"

This post is written by our resident The Walking Dead expert, Fernando. He often writes posts when some real life thing prevents me from doing so. Luckily he agreed to step in for today's review.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere
Sundays, 9/8 central

AMC's The Walking Dead kicked off season 3 with an action packed bang. In fact, there was so much zombie head shot mess that I think the cleanup crew is still cleaning up the goo. The episode was so action packed yet the plot points were simple and straight forward.

The season starts and it's 7 months later; Carl is allowed to hunt zombies with the big boys. Rick is supreme leader and has trained the group to gather intel about the zombies that attack them. A prison looks to be the new home base, though it may require some cleaning. Last and not least a new story line that makes sense and brings added depth to the series: the zombie-killing katana-blade-wheeling Michonne with her trusted side kick, Andrea.

The episode had little chit chat, no feelings confabs, no Carl wandering off, or any wasted time second guessing and it felt great. The following episodes will introduce new characters and show us two different story lines, so inevitably the show’s pace will slow down, but this was a fantastic opener.

The two diverging story lines will be a great tool the writers can leverage to have action and substance in each episode. These story lines should serve to help keep viewers happy with a good mix of action and plot.

One week the prison crew can be deep and evolving emotionally, while the dynamic duo of Michonne and Andrea is slashing and surviving. The following week can be spent exploring what makes Michonne and Andrea click, while Rick's crew can discover a new pack of zombies in there new concrete mansion.

This has been a fantastic start to the only zombie television on the air and the best is yet to come. The Governor is easily one of the creepiest characters from the comic book and all signs point to this incarnation to be just as chilling. One thing I am confident in is that this will be the season that defines the future of the series. Will viewers get a zombie lulling snore fest or an action packed edge of your seat thriller that makes us question our own humanity? Here is hoping to the latter.