GISHWHES & Random Acts Presents: Do a Good Deed, Break a World Record

Only GISHWHES could get me to walk into a store like this.So you might have noticed things have been a little quiet around here. That's due to GISHWHES going on and my head being preoccupied with things like obtaining a pumpkin large enough to fit a child in and how to recreate a scene from a locally shot movie. Things will continue to be quiet until Tuesday when GISHWHES is over and I start suffering post-crazy withdrawl.

Anyway as part of GISHWHES, we're all trying to beat the world record for most number of Random Acts of Kindness in a short time. Here's how you can join in beating a world record and help the world be a better place at the same time in the lovely form of a canned email:


Want to help me with the giant crazy scavenger hunt, but don't want to do anything embarrassing or ridiculous? Pledge to do a random act of kindness. Help break a world record and assist my team in getting more points!

I'm taking part in a
Guinness World Record attempt where we're trying to get 100,000 people to pledge to do a Random Act of Kindness before the end of 2012.

It will cost you nothing and I would love for you to help me with this. All you need to do is click on the link below and then pledge that you will do a Random Act of Kindness before the end of the year. This will not add you to an email list; it will just make you part of a huge group of people who want to better the world... and break a world record in the process.

Please remember to enter my email - LDAFLYNN@GMAIL.COM - on the form as your referrer, and email me back if you have any questions.


Click on the link below or copy and paste this link into your browser:

Thank you for being awesome and making the world a little bit better.

See you guys on Tuesday. Do something crazy between now and then. It'll be fun.