Trailer Park Friday: Zombies, Battling Kingdoms, Supernatural and... Noah's Ark?

Welcome to the return of Trailer Park Friday! Today I cover all the categories - books, movies, television and amateur stop-motion animation. What more could you want to start your weekend off with?

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes has been taunting me from afar. It has magic, battling kingdoms and someone in a cool shadowy cloak. It comes out in early December, but until then here's the very Game of Thrones-esque book trailer:

This trailer starts all ho-hum boring, been there done that and then hits WTFINSANITY in about two seconds flat. The generic feel of the trailer gets turned upside down around the 1:20 mark when things go crazy. And then the end is just creepy. This will either be a terrible, terrible movie or crazy fun. Here's the first trailer for World War Z.

After this past week's episode of Supernatural, I started going on about how Castiel has to be coming back very soon. Then the preview for next week's episode came on and it was like THEY HEARD ME!

And our last one isn't a trailer for anything, but I think it's pretty awesome. One of the GISHWHES challenges was to film a stop-motion animation film about Noah's Ark. Fernando did a pretty awesome job for only working on it an hour.