Trailer Park Friday: Faerie Tales, Post-Apocalyptic Movies & Scarlet!

I don't have to work for five straight days! Whoo hoo! To celebrate, let's have some trailers.

Author Sue Lange sent me a trailer last week that's about an upcoming anthology of updated faerie tales. She's retelling "Twelve Dancing Princesses" in quite a modern way:

From the far-ranging imaginations of Book View Café authors comes this delirious collection of classic tales newly twisted into dark, dangerous, and occasionally hilarious re-tellings. From the golden isles of Greece to the frozen north, from fairytale castles to urban slums, join us on an unforgettable journey! These are not your grandmother's fairy tales.


Somehow I haven't posted the trailer to Marissa Meyer's Scarlet, coming out in February 2013. This seems especially wrong since we're giving away a copy right now. So meet Scarlet!

Every Friday I ask Fernando if he has trailers for me to use on Trailer Park Friday and he usually says no, but today he got super excited and asked me to post the trailers for Oblivion and After Earth, so on behalf of Fernando, have some post-apocalypse movie trailers.

Have a wonderful fantastic holiday weekend, my friends!