2012 Science Fiction Reader Challenge: December Link Up

How is it already December? I did not agree for this year to almost be over yet. There is still SO MUCH TO DO this year and only a few weeks left to do it in. Why must there be so many amazing books and not nearly enough time to read them?

It looks like everyone else agrees about the lack of time thing. We only collected seven review in November, but that's okay. Perhaps you were just like me and read sci-fi things, reviewed them and then conveniently forgot to link up. But that's okay! I still love you guys. I can't really complain considering how behind I am in just about every other reading challenge I signed up for this year. It's a little ridiculous. Anyway, here is the review breakdown:

- 2 Robots / Androids
- 2 Cyberpunk
- 1 Steampunk
- 1 Adult Scifi
- 1 Aliens / Spaceships

I don't know about you guys, but I'm still missing a few categories. It's time to hit up the library to find a Hugo winner to add to my reading collection! I'm reserving Slaughterhouse-Five as we speak for the post-1950s classic. What do you have left to tick off your list? Need suggestions?

Remember - There will be a prize! After the first of the year, I'll sit down and find everyone who has successfully completed the challenge. They'll be entered into a contest for their choice of book (or books) up to $20 at the Book Depository. Those who have completed at least 6 of the 12 categories will get put into a pool to win a science fiction book out of my own collection. Yay prizes!

And now here is the linky for December.  Tell me what you’ve been reading or plan to be reading soon.  I look forward to chatting about even more science fiction as we explore the genre together!  When you link up your review, please put it in the format of Name (book title) category, so when I review Fever, I’d submit it as “Leslie @ WFTM (Fever) Dystopian”.  That worked out pretty handy with my tracking.

I hope you guys have enjoyed participating. Do you think I should do this again? What should I change (besides me getting the link ups on time)? What can make it better? I would love to hear your suggestions.