Magical March Reading Challenge Hosted by Roof Beam Reader

I rarely cross a challenge on Adam's site that I don't want to participate and his month-long fantasy, sci-fi and magical realism challenge is no exception. You can read all the details here at Roof Beam Reader, but here are the basics:

Challenge: To read a certain number of books in the categories of fantasy, science fiction and magical realism during the month of March.


1. You have to register at Roof Beam Reader by March 5th and put up an announcement post much like the one you're currently looking at.

2. You can only read new-to-you books. No re-reads. Books can count for other challenges and e-books/audiobooks count too.

3. All books and reviews must be read and posted in March. A Mister Linky will be put up on March 5 for link up.

4. There will be mini-challenges each Saturday for extra fun. Plus there will be PRIZES! Go to the sign up page for details.


Magician's Class: 1-2 books read and reviewed

Sorcerer's Class: 3-5 books read and reviewed

Wizard's Class: 6-7 books read and reviewed

Grand Merlin Class: 8+ books read and reviewed


I'm aiming high for Wizard Class. I'm not sure what all I'll pick up in March, so I'll be adding books as I go. If this sounds like something fun, go sign up!


Challenge Reviews:

1. Partials by Dan Wells