Random Tuesdays: Coolest Fictional Cities, Steampunk Batman and Assorted Other Geekiness

My brain is currently bouncing between “watch cartoons!” mode and desperately wanting to dive back into City of Fallen Angels for more Jace/Simon snark, so coming up with a plausible subject for a thinky thoughts kind of Random Tuesday is unlikely. Instead today I present to you some of the randomly awesome things I’ve come across over the last 48 hours.

- Complex.com compiled a list of the 50 “Coolest” Fictional Cities. Their definition of “coolest” must be much different than mine because there’s no way I’d ever volunteer to live in a place like Silent Hill or frickin’ Mordor. The list includes fictional places from all platforms – movies, television, cartoons, comics, videogames and books. There are even two references to rap songs that confused me and left me staring at my computer for a few minutes trying to decipher what they were even referring to.

- Apparently at one point there was supposed to be a Steampunk Batman videogame. For whatever reason, it’s not happening, but io9 has some leaked footage of what it might have been like. Batman’s cape is particularly flow-y.

- Meet my new hero: Helena Wayne as Robin:

DC is about to come out with some new comic lines, including one called Earth 2 where Helena Wayne is Robin to her father’s Batman. Somehow she ends up in the Earth 1 universe and becomes Huntress in the current Birds of Prey comic. I don’t know how this happens, but I want to be her when I grow up. (originally found through The Mary Sue Tumblr, on the DCU blog)

- Nine potentially awesome science fiction spinoffs from Blastr. This made me realize I missed Alphas. I didn’t realize I even really liked Alphas

- If you’re in the Austin, TX area, Gail Carriger – author of the super awesome The Parasol Protectorate seriesis signing at BookPeople this Saturday to celebrate the release of Timeless. If you go, I’ll probably be the girl in the Supernatural or comic book-related t-shirt trying to not let her fangirl show.

- And finally from Aine’s Realm on Tumblr:



We’ll have a new contest up some time tonight as part of the Leap Into Books hop hosted by  I Am a Reader, Not a Writer and Jinky Is Reading. Right now, I’m late for dinner.

What random things are you doing today?