Random Tuesday: Steampunk Goodness - Star Wars, Superheroines and, of course, Robots!

It's Random Tuesday yet again and, after returning to full time employment and a brain-numbing commute, I don't really have anything for you guys today. You know what that means? Random artwork. This week we feature one of my favorite sci-fi genres, STEAMPUNK!

Via io9, I found Bjorn Hurri, who does a lot of great illustrations involving monsters and alien-like creatures, but he's also created a series of Star Wars steampunk illustrations that just make me happy. Here's R2D2 and Chewbacca:


You can see so much more of Hurri's work at his website: http://www.bjornhurri.com/

This makes my robot-lovin' heart very happy, Mr. Steampunk by Nigromaggot. You can see a lot more steampunk-ish art and other things from Nigromaggot on DeviantArt here.

And also from io9 comes these gorgeous steampunk-ish superheroines from artist Michael Dooney. Here's Batgirl, Death (from Neil Gaiman's Sandman) and Wonder Woman. I had a very difficult time choosing which ones to feature, so check out the post on io9 to see all of them. I want these on my wall.


There's a bit of a to-do going on in the comments, but I think they're pretty cool, especially that Wonder Woman garb. You can see more of Michael Dooney's work on his DeviantArt account here.

And one last piece from the tumblr of MrEmporor: a gentleman companion cube.


And that's it from me. I hope you're all having great Tuesdays full of Randomness.


If you're one of the featured artists and would like me to remove your art/link to a different website with your art, please let me know via comments or email at workingforthemandroid at gmail dot com. Your talent awes me and I don't intend to step on any toes.