Review: The Walking Dead Season 2

I am currently behind on life, so Fernando agreed to fill in for me today while I caught up on some other things. So instead of my planned review of Veronica Roth's Divergent (which will arrive on Monday), Fernando stepped in with a post regarding one of his favorite subjects: The Walking Dead. Forewarning: the article itself is not that spoilery especially if you've watched any of season 2, but the graphic at the end could be considered a spoiler to some for the final episode. - Leslie

Well, if you have not seen the last episode of this season’s The Walking Dead, you should go do that now. If you wanted to wait to watch the entire season in one sitting, you should do that right now. Lastly if you gave up because the show became too slow, had too little action, or did not have enough Daryl Dixon, you need to go watch all those episodes then decide if the show is too slow. 

I will try to stay clear of spoilers, but so much happen in the last episode that it may be difficult. Consider yourself warned. 

The first season of The Walking Dead was a great first season. The season was short (only six episodes), it had great zombie-filled action and the plot moved. It accomplished that by cutting to the chase, being focused and most importantly by keeping the plot simple: Hey everybody, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse! Let’s stay alive! 

This season became a muddied political tug-of-war. In one corner there was Shane, the guy who knows that the world has no rules now, and in the other corner there was Dale, the man who believes that morality is a crucial part to humanity’s survival. 

That moral battle played out all season. The first half of that battle, which included the never-ending search for little Sophia, was won by Shane. The second half of that battle, which included the never-ending plea to stay on the farm, was won by Dale. Then the last episode threw all that discussion out the window. The show reminded viewers that in this zombie war, there are only two sides: the zombies and the not zombies. Zombies don't care if you debate, cry, yell, or whine. The zombies will eat you just the same. 

The final episode this season contained no wasted moments, no silly debates, no pointless bickering, no awkward group meetings, and most importantly, no stalling. It was the simple plot back from the dead - stay alive! 

That is when this show is best. There was some good character development this season (ie. Daryl, Andrea and Glen), but the debating and arguing should be left to the fans of the show, not be the focal point of episode after episode. I hope and anticipate that the show will continue as it did in the last episode of this season. Now it’s time for me to go watch it again.

At which point we both cheered even though I (Leslie) have never read the comic. Samurai swords are cool!