Newly Released Cover to Ally Condie's Reached, the Final Installment of the Matched Trilogy

It's quite possible that this has already flown around the blogosphere over the past two days, but I just came across this short interview with Ally Condie on Entertainment Weekly's website. In it she gives some insight into the narrative structure of the third book in the Matched trilogy, titled Reached, as well as some hints to what she might be working on after the trilogy is completed.

Considering this was an unexpected little delight of information, I'm not surprised that seeing the cover gave me a slight chill. I'm so excited about how this series is going to end!

What do you guys think? Are you as excited to see what happens to Ky (and Cassia, I suppose, but mostly Ky) and to maybe finally get some answers about the Society? Does the cover give you a sudden craving for a cherry lollipop or is that just me?

Read the interview with Ally Condie here. The pic came from as well.

So. Excited!