Random Tuesday: Winnie the Hulk, Tentacle Monsters, and Gender Swap Harry Potter

Welcome to Random Tuesday! I present to you some of the random things I've stumbled across on the various interwebs over the last few days. After watching Matt Bomer's episode of Glee, I'm not exactly in a state that makes a lot of sense, so this week you get art so that I can go giggle in a corner somewhere like a crazy person.

 First The Avengers in the style of Winnie the Pooh by Charles Paul Wilson III

Batman takes all the Robins out for ice cream by Sonia04 on DeviantArt.

Gender swapped cast of Harry Potter by Harriet (maaria on DeviantArt) - check out her DA account for more examples.

LunasCrafts on Etsy made the entire Stark family into crochet dolls. Looks like she's sold out, but it's still pretty neat.

And finally, what all book-loving girls need...

Tentacle book ends! By Knob Creek Metal Arts on Etsy and there are many, many more neat sets including zombies, spaceships and assorted geekery.


Thanks to TheMarySue.com for generally being my dealer of neat. First saw most of these through their site.


Now back to my giggling...