Random Tuesday: Me Being Geeky Like Every Tuesday - City of Lost Souls Trailer, Harry Potter Sneakers, and Stuff

I spent the last hour of work playing on Pinterest today and it was actually part of my job. That's your weekly Random Tuesday update from the real life of Leslie. On to the random geekness...


If you've been watching Game of Thrones, you probably noticed that the kid who plays Joffrey is either ridiculously good or seriously evil in real life. The Frisky put together five things you should know about Jack Gleeson, the kid who manages to make Joffrey the most sadistic creature on television.


It's been awhile since I've mentioned Supernatural around here, mostly because the current season is frustrating me with its lack of direction, but this strangely resonanted with me. I'm not deep into fandom, but some of these things are strangely true. Found on Tumblr, posted by Lady Jill.


There are about to be a bajillion and two giant movies coming to theatres starting next week. Here'sio9's seasonal list of 33 geeky science fiction and fantasy titles being released in the coming months. My wallet and my brain are already melting. I might get Fernando to write a post about what he's looking forward to the most. I still think I'm Brave and Fluffy Spiderman The Amazing Spider-Man, but The Avengersis looking pretty cool. Oh yeah, and that little movie about that guy and the cape and the batarangs...

TheMarySue posted about a girl who modded a pair of white Converse high tops to embrace Harry Potter and all it's crazy. Here's an image of one side of a shoe. You can see all the art and mods here.


And finally EW.com has an exclusive trailer for the upcoming installment of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instrumnents series. You can see the video for City of Lost Souls here.

Mandroid commanded that I join Pinterest, so I did. It's where I save all the art that ends up on Random Tuesday along with fun things that don't make it over to the blog. If you're on Pinterest, feel free to follow us here.