Random Tuesday: Fernando's Top 5 Movies to Watch This Summer

You know what's awesome about living with someone who will write for your blog every now and again? It's awesome that on days when I find out I'm going to be working late, all it takes is a text and a suggested topic for there to be a post waiting for me when I finally get home. So basically, HUZZAH FERN! Otherwise Random Tuesday probably wouldn't be happening this week and we can't have that...


The movie season is about to get crazy again. Every summer there is a plethora (yeah I said it) of movies that are not Oscar bound, but will get hundreds of more views. In the last few summers, movie goers have even had great choices and this summer looks to eclipse all of those. This is my top five and it was not an easy list to narrow. 

At number five: Pixar's Brave. It's a fairy tale adventure from the studio that knows how to do good original stories. With a late June release it should be fun for the whole family. The trailers tease the story of a young maiden in search of becoming a legend. This feature is set in mid evil Scotland and should bring to life a wonderful world as only Pixar can.

In position number four: Prometheus. I have no idea what this movie is going to cover, but the trailers and hype have placed it so deep in my curiosity that I must watch it. This movie has a lot going for it, a not-prequel-prequel set in the Alien universe. It's co-written by one of the Lost creators, Damon Lindelof, and is directed by original Alien director Ridley Scott. Prometheus is the back story to, well, nothing. Scott has teased that this movie, while a part of the Alien mythos, will be its own independent self-contained story. That is my main reason for watching this - it's a new Ridley Scott sci-fi movie. 

The next three are all super hero movies and all sequels, kind of. Number three is The Amazing Spider-Man. Amazing because of the extent that Sony will go to keep this property. The studio has promised a darker, edgier Spider-Man, but studios always promise stuff. The stills, costume, and casting look good and I am looking forward to Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker. This does look to tell a different, better fleshed out back story. I think if this movie can get out of its 2002 big brother’s shadow, then it will have longer, stronger legs to give Spidy fans an updated version of their hero.

At the second spot: The Avengers. Marvel was brilliant in its movie strategy. First, greet non-comic geeks to the Marvel version of Batman with Iron Man. Having Iron Man played by Robert Downy Jr. was another key ingredient. Let those movies marinade in the public psyche for a bit, then add Thor and Captain America, let rise, and presto excelsior! The gamble for the studio was choosing geek god/director Joss Whedon to helm this giant flying battleship of a movie. With Whedon at the helm, this promises to be true comic book excitement with sugar and sarcasm on top. I can't wait. 

If you have not guessed it, The Dark Knight Rises is my number one. Director Christopher Nolan has built a hero franchise that has no equal. There have been campy tights, bad casting, poor CG, and piss poor scripts when it comes to comic book movies. Nolan's Batman franchise has raised the bar on movies and not just comic book ones. This is the final chapter for Nolan and for the actors. I always enjoy the bitter sweetness of a good final chapter. That is exactly what is happening here. Nolan has yet to disappoint and I don't think he is going to go out with anything other than an IMAX-sized-action-packed blockbuster with a great story to match.