Random Tuesday: More Superhero Art, Revolution Preview, and Other Randomosity

Fernando and I saw The Avengers for a second time last Friday night. Not even three days later, I want to see it again. It's been an extremely long time since a movie has made me want to see it multiple times in the theatre, much less actually spend the money to do it. So if you've been in a coma or under a rock for the last week and a half, you should really go see it.

I started reading Daniel H. Wilson's upcoming novel, Amped (Wilson being that guy behind a little book called Robopocalypse). That guy knows how to write books that give me waking nightmares. Jeez... I couldn't put it down last night while at the same time I was on a verge of a panic attack.

 The Avengers in the style of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are by AgartgabGuide.

I have no idea who is inside this steampunk Iron Man suit or which con (or movie showing) this picture was taken at. All I know is that it's super cool and I found it on Pinterest.

Wait, I take that back. I've found the source and I think I've just found a new blog to add to my rotation, New Design Blog.


Doctor Who corsets and flouncy skirts!


This week is television upfronts, which means I am compulsively checking EW for updates on the fall television schedule. Because that's what I do. Watch television. Lots and lots of television. But mostly I just want news about Revolution, that JJ Abrams/Erik Kripke collaboration that's making my Alias and Supernatural fan loving heart want to explode. There's sword fighting! And mysterious pieces of jewelry! And bows and arrows! And and and... AN OLD COMPUTER! Sorry, had a momentary Lost flashback there...

Anyway here's the preview reel for it.

Artist Thartist72 is putting together an illustration that has the Doctor posing with the TARDIS and all the Batgirls ever. I don't know where the idea came from, but I like it and can't wait to see the finished illustration.

And what would Random Tuesday be without an Avenger picture from Gingerhaze?