A Week of Random: Random Tuesday - Superhero Videogames, Superhero Art, Superhero Cartoons, Superhero Cupcakes

Five minutes ago, I was unaware this even existed. Now I desperately want this more than anything else in the world and it's my new favorite videogame.

Look! I can be Robin! Or Nightwing! Or Superman! Or the Flash! Or Catwoman! Or or or... I really hope Batgirl is an option. As far as I know, none of the Lego games have been completely open world (Harry Potter is kind of close), but I have loved every single one of them that I've played.  I am so excited about this game and I want it right now.

And now I've just checked on Amazon and it comes out in FOUR WEEKS! If I go missing around June 19, you guys will know why.


In other DC Comic-related things, PixelKitties on DeviantArt did a Batgirl meets Batwoman short comic in the same style as Super Best Friends Forever. It makes me smile. Her account is full of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanart, which just makes me laugh.

And if you haven't seen Super Best Friends Forever, well, here's episode one.

And two:

And three:

DC has some of the best Saturday morning cartoons...


And finally, to give Marvel some space, learn how to make Captain America cupcakes. Think my coworkers would think I'm a giant geek if I came to work with a plate of these? Do you think they would care if they got to eat the cupcakes?


More Random Tomorrow.