A Week of Random: Random Thursday - Greg Rucka on Strong Female Characters, Avengers in Dresses and New Doctor Who

I'm feeling very out of sorts today, so no preamble. Just random.

Greg Rucka wrote Batwoman: Elegy, which is awesome all around. He's also written a lot of spy novels and comics with badass female leads. io9 has a guest post from him about why he writes strong female characters. It's an interesting read with a bonus Joss Whedon video in the featured comments.


If you've been having severe withdrawl from lack of Doctor Who, a mini episode was released this afternoon called "Good as Gold". The script was written by a bunch of grade school kids as part of a contest. It is heavy on the Olympics propaganda and super silly. Definitely not part of actual Doctor Who continuity, but fun all the same. Still no clue when the show actually comes back on television.


Somebody made design mock ups of dresses inspired by the uniforms of the various Avenger teammates.


Weird movie rumor of the day: Robert Pattinson might play Finnick in Catching Fire.


That's all the random I have today. I think I'm going to lie down.