Random Tuesday: All Things The Avengers

Dear Hollywood,

Let geeky people create geeky things without your meddling and awesome things happen that make you a massive amount of money.


All the Geeky People


 By now you’ve probably heard that The Avengers broke box office records over the weekend, making $205 million dollars in three days. I am very happy to admit that a teeny tiny bit of that came from me and Fernando. I am also not ashamed to say that I really, really want to see it again. Right now.

Why I ever doubted Joss Whedon, I have no idea. Other than Dollhouse, which was okay, he’s never really done anything not super awesome that I’m aware of. But still I was left with trepidation that a movie this big, with this big of a cast of characters who all had such big personalities would become a giant mess. There would need to be massive exposition to describe character relationships, comedic moments so that Robert Downey Jr could be Robert Downey Jr, and of course lots of massive destruction of property. It’s a lot to take on even when the majority of the characters had been introduced through all the movies leading up to The Avengers.

The Avengers, now with more exploding pants! (By Skottie Young)

I’m not going to tell you anything about the plot other than it makes sense. At least within my complete and utter joy of watching the movie, it made perfect sense without any giant holes or hand waving needed. Characters introductions were quick and efficient, and pieced together in a way that the story moved along even while we are introduced to Hawkman Hawkboy Hawkeye, reintroduced to Black Widow and meet up with the third incarnation of Bruce Banner. The rest of the team doesn’t need to be introduced because they’ve had their own movies and they’re all giant memorable characters.

By the wonderful GingerhazeAnd the Hulk! Oh my god, the Hulk! I’ve been addicted to Super Hero Squad where the Hulk is the funniest, most adorable giant monster ever created, but in the previous two Hulk movies, he was despondent and depressing and not fun to watch. But this Hulk! Oh, this Hulk, he’s fun. I mean, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner still has that sort of melancholy about him, but he’s mostly a nice guy who wants to help people and not put them in danger of being stomped on by a giant green monster. He even cracks jokes with Tony Stark! Bruce Banner with a sense of humor! It’s amazing!

Monster Hulk steals the movie. The funniest moments are because of him and come out of nowhere, so they’re both surprising and hilarious. There’s bickering that’s amusing, especially between Tony Stark and whatever Captain America’s real name is. Loki is a prima dona who needs to wash his hair. Everyone thinks they’re more awesome than everyone else except Bruce Banner ever though he’s the awesomest of them all! He catches people who fall off buildings! He breaks giant alien machines singlehandedly! He makes me laugh three days later just thinking about him! He wins the movie.

And of course there’s massive destruction of property.

There is nothing about this movie that I would change. Even Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow worked for me when she didn’t in Iron Man 2. She had a personality and a purpose. She was a badass fighter and could hold her own beside a demi-god, a ‘roided up super soldier, a giant green monster and a dude in a robot suit. That’s impressive. Then again she was written by Joss Whedon. Once again, why did I ever doubt Joss?

And then there's the add scenes during and after the credits. All I'm going to say is that I'm thankful I watch Super Hero Squad because otherwise it might not have made sense.

If you haven’t seen The Avengers and have any interest in comic book/superhero movies, you should go see it. If you have no interest in comic book movies, you should see it anyway. If you’ve seen it, you should go see it again because nothing else good comes out for another couple of weeks. Fluffy Spider-Man has a lot to live up to now…

By Laura Truxillo on DeviantArt