Random Wednesday: Because There's Just Too Much Random This Week

Today is usually Waiting on Wednesday, but there's a video I stumbled upon a few days ago that I have to post up simply due to the extreme cuteness of it all. That's why we're having a second Random day this week. So I present to you the epic battle between good and evil: Baby vs Darth Maul

As with most random things I find, that came to my attention by way of TheMarySue.com.

Now that you're here, how about a few other pieces of random?

- Like David Tennant possibly being in the next Fast and Furious movie. It's barely a whisper of a rumor at this point, but the idea of it is both horrifying and intriguing.

- Or The Avengers, the Teenage Years (found uncredited via G+):

- Or the coolest Portal cake in all of existence, found on GlobalGeekNews.com:

- And to toss in something about robots, how about ten ridiculously unsettling old-timey robots on io9? The clowns are going to give me nightmares for weeks.

- Also about robots: I had no real interest in watching Prometheus and then I saw this. Now I'm... intrigued...

And that's enough Random for one week. Otherwise I'll just start reposting all of GingerHaze's Avenger cartoons from Tumblr.