2012 Science Fiction Reader Challenge: June Link Up

Wow, how did it become June already? This post is a few days late as my current addiction to True Blood kept me from my computer for the weekend. Anyway, it's that time again - to link up our science fiction reviews! We have at least one participant who only has one more category left to fulfill. That's awesome and I look forward to seeing everyone else's progress.

In May we had 15 new reviews linked up across 10 of the 12 categories. Here's the breakdown:

- 1 YA/MG Science Fiction

- 2 Adult Science Fiction

- 1 Science Fiction Classic – Pre-1950s

- 1 Science Fiction Modern Classic – 1951-1992

- 1 Steampunk

- 1 Spaceships/Aliens

- 1 Time Travel/Alternate History/Parallel Universe

- 3 Apocalyptic/Dystopia/Utopia

- 1 Cyberpunk

- 2 Mad Scientists/Genetic Testing/Environmental Disaster

My plan last month was to read Rupture by Curtis Hox, Amped by Daniel H. Wilson and Innocent Darkness by Suzanne Lazear. I had a really slow reading month, but managed to get through two of the three. I have a billion e-ARCs on my Kindle, but my main goal is to read Dearly, Beloved by Lia Habel and Kingdom by Anderson O'Connell. I'm also reading The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack by Mark Hodder (the first in the series that included The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man).

Whatever you have planned for June, I hope you enjoy it. I'm looking forward to making time out to check out everyone's reviews. If for some reason you posted up a review in May that didn't make it onto the link up post, feel free to link it this month.


For a reminder, the challenge is to read at least one science fiction book for each of the following 12 categories:

YA/MG Science Fiction

Adult Science Fiction

Hugo Winner

Science Fiction Classic – Pre-1950s

Science Fiction Modern Classic – 1951-1992




Time Travel/Alternate History/Parallel Universe



Mad Scientists/Genetic Testing/Environmental Disaster

If you need ideas for any of the categories, just ask or check out the sign up page for additional ideas.

And now here is the linky for June.  Tell me what you’ve been reading or plan to be reading soon.  I look forward to chatting about even more science fiction as we explore the genre together!  When you link up your review, please put it in the format of Name (book title) category, so when I review Fever, I’d submit it as “Leslie @ WFTM (Fever) Dystopian”.  That worked out pretty handy with my tracking.