Top 10 Goals for San Diego Comic Con 2012

As I type this, I'm sitting at the airport awaiting my flight to San Diego, where I will once again participate in the annual pilgrimage to nerd nirvana. Every year we've learned something new that will help us take advantage of the epic list of opportunities at the convention. While there's no way to do it all (unless you can clone yourself), it's possible to accomplish a lot if you go in with patience and a conscious list of goals. These are my 10 goals for Comic Con 2012.

  1. Meet Marissa Meyer - I fell in love with Cinder before it was ever published. I am a strong advocate of her Lunar trilogy and I am so excited that Meyer will be attending the Con this year.
  2. Get an ARC of Scarlet - So this sort of goes with the first goal, but if there are any copies of Scarlet floating around that convention center, I'm going to do my best to get my hands on one.
  3. See the pilot of Revolution - JJ Abrahms + Erik Kripke = Yes, please.
  4. Get a copy of Prodigy by Marie Lu - The author is scheduled to sign special edition copies of Legend at several times during the conference, but Peguin is giving out early copies of its sequel as well. While I was a little indifferent to the first in the series, I got the impression that the second one will be much more interesting.
  5. See Gail Carriger - Gail Carriger is awesome. I saw her at a signing at BookPeople in Austin a few months ago. She's funny, charming and incredibly smart. Over the next few days, she'll be participating in a couple of panels. I hope to make it to at least one.
  6. Get the super awesome Gail Carriger swag - There's apparently super-secret swag. I have the password. I have the time. Now I just need to get there before they are all gone.
  7. See Sam & Dean - The panel I always look most forward to is the Supernatural one on Sunday mornings. They're a fun bunch and with Jeremy Carver taking over next season and the interesting direction taken at the end of the season finale, I imagine it'll be an interesting session.
  8. Meet up with my publisher contacts in real life - I've confirmed at least one of my publisher contacts will be attending the con and a few others might also be there. I'm looking forward to meeting them in person and thanking them for working with me over the last year.
  9. Find something awesome for my nephew - Last year there were Thunder Cat swords, a kid sized superhero cape and an inflatable airship. This year I hope to find something even more awesome for my nephew.
  10. Get a commission from Katie Cook - I said this last year as well, but this year I seriously want to get a commission from Katie Cook. It's just a matter of figuring out of what and getting to her in time to be added to her list.


There are a million other things I want to accomplish while in San Diego, but those are my top 10 goals for this year. It should be a good time. We here at Working for the Mandroid will hopefully have regular updates for you as the con goes on.