Waiting on Wednesday: Comic Con 2012 Edition

At this moment my feet are on the ground in San Diego and I am probably sitting in a convention center hallway impatiently waiting for the floor to open so that I can become crazily overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of San Diego International Comic Con. As the days go on, we hope to have coverage both here and on our Facebook page of events both book-related and movies and television. In the meantime here are some upcoming things we’re eagerly anticipating their release and hoping to get a sneak peek later this week.



Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
Feiwel + Friends
Releases February 5, 2013

So you know how I have been and am currently obsessed with Marissa Meyer’s awesome debut novel Cinder about an android girl in future China who’s attempting to save the world from an evil moon queen? Yeah, there’s going to be a sequel and a cover was revealed last week. Not only that but ARCs are already in existence somewhere and I hope that if I’m really good and sweet to the people at the Macmillan booth, I might walk away with a copy.



Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Releases August 7, 2012

Preorder it from Amazon

This book was described to me as “Game of Thrones for a YA audience”. I think it would make for a perfect book club choice once it’s released, but in the meantime, yes, please.




The Man of Steel
Releases June 13, 2013

Fernando is a huge Superman fan, so he’s eager to see some footage of The Man of Steel. I’m still pissed that they didn’t cast Matt Bomer and therefore will probably be somewhere else at this time.




Pacific Rim
Releases July 11, 2013 

ROBOTS VERSUS MONSTERS! Directed by Guillermo del Toro!! And did I mention GIANT ROBOTS?! I know absolutely nothing about this movie other than that it involves robots and monsters and the poster looks awesome.




NBC - Coming This Fall

JJ Abrahms and Erik Kripke working together? Be still my heart. The pilot for this upcoming fall show will be screening on Saturday, so we should have a review of it later next week if one (or both) of us are able to get into the screening. The plot is still a bit fuzzy, but the gist is that all the forms of electricity cease to exist and the world falls into desolation. I imagine there’s a band of survivors attempting to save the world and themselves from extinction. But with Abrahms and Kripke involved, there’s probably going to be giant conspiracies at every turn and I wouldn’t be surprised if a monster or two of sorts pops out of the darkness.


There are a million more things that we want to see and get our hands on, but we have yet to learn how to clone ourselves. Stay tuned to hear more about those things we do learn more about over the next few days. There will be plenty of things coming home with us that will be prime contest prize material!